The beauties that Vallarta, Mexico offers

Puerto Vallarta , Mexico,  is more than ready to receive you this vacation, and it has everything ready to create new travel anecdotes and above all, to be your accomplice place of adventures. The high standards of safety and hygiene that this destination has implemented for your safety, are endorsed by the  World Travel and Tourism  Council (WTTC), which distinguished Puerto Vallarta with the Safe Travels seal, so you can travel knowing that absolutely every detail has been carefully planned for your return.

To inspire your next trip so that you can enjoy its wide range of activities, the beauty of its landscapes, the magic of its people, its traditions and culture, and its exciting nightlife, we invite you to take a look at this information.

Mexico has many destinations to offer, but if you are looking to have a vacation full of fun and adventure, Puerto Vallarta is for you.

Enjoy swimming with dolphins , go snorkeling or simply relax on one of the beautiful and sunny beaches of Puerto Vallarta , one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is a riverside city on the west coast of Mexico. The area was originally made up of quiet villages of fishermen and divers who dived in search of pearls. Today, the city and the surrounding Banderas Bay are popular with tourists as a hotel destination.

The Bay of Banderas is a 100-kilometer (62-mile) beach with rocks, white sand and crystal clear water. Puerto Vallarta is the largest community and is home to the elegant Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Dive with a snorkel or oxygen tank and see manta rays, snooks and let yourself be delighted with their dolphins.

A beach with a flavor of Mexico

As we mentioned before, Puerto Vallarta has several of the most  beautiful beaches in Mexico. Colmitos Beach, Yelapa Beach, Los Muertos Beach, Sayulita; these are names that are mentioned a lot, and with good reason.

If what you are looking for are  tourist places in Puerto Vallarta , its beaches are a mandatory stop. With more than 35 different beaches, you can choose one based on your tastes and preferences. We really are not lying when we say that there is a beach for every type of taste.

Prepare your family trip

Clever! You already know several  places to visit in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We recommend that you book your adventures and activities with children if you are traveling as a family. Adventure Park in Vallarta, Mexico / Aquaventuras

Don’t be out of the fun! Access to Aquaventuras Park will allow you to live the great aquatic adventure that we have prepared for you and your companions, the aquatic space of your choice to enjoy a free day full of fun experiences. If water is not your thing, enjoy the extreme activities area and show your skills. Do you dare to jump on the zip line and fly over everything? Let your inner child enjoy our incredible slides.

Although  Aquaventuras  is in Nuevo Vallarta, it is very easy to get there from Puerto Vallarta, it is no more than 15 minutes. It is the largest water park in the region; that is, you will not find any bigger in Nuevo and Puerto Vallarta. What makes the park really special is that in addition to all its activities, you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

We assure you that, with these options, you will not run out of things to do in Puerto Vallarta . Hope you enjoy it a lot! This magical destination keeps an authentic Mexican spirit.