Internet, Mobile & TV

There are a variety of choices for internet, home phone, cell phones and television.


Our internet provider is Telmex and is the main internet provider in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta. Telmex works well for all the high volume of communications we have with expats. Fiber optic is being installed constantly in Vallarta. We have lost the Internet twice for short periods, as Telmex was installing fiber optic equipment in nearby areas. There are also other minor providers in certain areas.

Home Phone & MagicJack

Our residential phone is part of our Telmex Internet service and normally works to call from anywhere in or outside of Mexico. We have two-line residential phones to also keep a Minneapolis phone number for family and friends. We also have a US number with a MagicJack for our home and cell phones, allowing us to locally call to the US.

Cell Phones

Telcel is the main provider of cell phones in Vallarta, which we had for years until AT&T arrived in Puerto Vallarta two years ago. After we started hearing good reports, we switched to AT&T and we could not be happier with it. We constantly had to pay to put more minutes in our Telcel service every 3-4 weeks and the service was regular. Our service with AT&T costs us 2,443 pesos (approximately $132 US dollars) per year for each of our phones. We can call and receive service to and from Mexico, the United States and Canada. The service has been impeccable.


The main TV provider in Vallarta is a traditional cable company called Izzy. It is a Mexican company and most of the channels and programs are in Spanish, but they also have a variety of channels in English. The other service is DirectTV Mexico, which also has most of its programs in Spanish, but also has many channels in English. In addition, there are other Internet and satellite options available mainly for English channels.

Mexican Immigration and Types of Visas

There are three ways to enter Mexico:

Visitor Permit

The first time you enter Mexico, as well as subsequent trips for less than 180 days, as long as
you do not have a lucrative business in Mexico, you can use a Visitor’s Permit. Below is the
link to download the form before your trip to save time:

You will complete the immigration form that you downloaded before arriving at the border and
then you will get your Visitor Permit at the airport if you travel or at the border if you drive.
You can stay up to 180 days, but you can not work.

Temporary Resident Visa

Apply at the Mexican consulate near your home, not in Mexico. There are several types of Temporary Residency Visas depending on your purpose in Mexico and if you want to be in Mexico more than 180 days a year. You can apply for a temporary resident visa for one, two, three or four years. After four years with this visa, you must leave Mexico or change to a Permanent Resident Visa.

However, the four years that you spend with the Temporary Residence Visa automatically you him for the Permanent status. We will focus on the permanent visa, because it is the most common. To qualify, you must bring copies of bank accounts and investment statements to show that you can support yourself in Mexico with the funds you have earned or are earning elsewhere.

The minimum monthly income requirement is approximately $1,500 to $1,600 . Another way is to show the bank or investment statements of the last 12 months that show an average total balance of around $25,000- $26,000. Another way is to prove that you own a property in Mexico that has a value of at least around $210,000.

NOTE: The above amounts are shown as estimates for two reasons: first, the Mexican rules may change and the amounts are also affected by the current exchange rates; Second, expatriates who have visited different Mexican consulates in their general areas have seen some differences or interpretations of the rules that result in somewhat different financial requirements.

Permanent Resident Visa

Apply at Mexican consulate near your home, not in Mexico.

If you know that you want to live in Mexico for a prolonged period of time, you can apply for the Permanent Resident Visa and simply skip the temporary step. The permanent resident visa is open because there is no expiration date. It also gives many of the rights and responsibilities of a Mexican citizen, including the right to work but not the right to vote. It does not make you a Mexican citizen because that is another separate process. You must also show higher income or investment . You can show investment balances during the last 12 months of approximately $105,000 or an average monthly income or retirement income (pension or social security) of at least approximately $2,500- $2,600.

General Guidelines

Whether for a temporary or permanent residence
visa, the Mexican consulate near your home will
place a special “exchange” stamp on your passport
that forces you to go to the INM immigration office
across the street from the terminal. Cruises in
Vallarta, where they will finish Process and issue
your Temporary or Permanent card.

NOTE: this process must be completed within 30 days after your arrival in Mexico, so you should start the process as soon as you arrive in Vallarta. The immigration office is open Monday through Friday 9:00-1:00 and we suggest you arrive 45 minutes early to get a number because it is a very busy place and you will have to wait. After speaking with someone and organizing the paperwork and finding out the copies you will need, you should go to the bank and they will ask you to deposit the money to cover the fee; Be sure to keep
the receipt. You should also go to a photography store to take your immigration photos in a
certain size and we recommend the Kodak store in the Plaza Caracol shopping center, near
the mattress store, where the photos will be ready in about 30 minutes.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you cross the border into Mexico, either by car or airplane, you MUST stamp your passport. For a temporary or permanent residence visa, the box must be marked as “exchange” and write 30 days and not 180 days as for the regular tourist visa. If you don’t do it, you will not be able to continue with your immigration process and you must leave Mexico and start the whole procedure in your country of origin.

Moving to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a coastal city of the Mexican Pacific located in the Bay of Banderas, it is the second largest city in the state of Jalisco, after Guadalajara, which is the second largest city in Mexico. The city of Puerto Vallarta comprises the city, as well as the areas outside the city that extend from Boca de Tomatlán in the south to the Ameca river on the border of the state of Nayarit in the north. To the east it borders the towns of Mascota and San Sebastián.


It was Named Once The Friendliest City in the World.


Six influences in the sixties and seventies made Puerto Vallarta an important tourist destination. First: the Mexican government resolved the centuries-old communal land disputes that the federal government had appropriated from the Union mining company in Cuale to be parceled out as community farms. The state of the communal title (ejido) of the land had stifled development in the city for much of the twentieth century. A significant transition from communal lands to private property within the current limits of the city of Puerto Vallarta was carried out in 1973 with the establishment of the Vallarta Land Trust (Trust) to supervise the sale of government lands in private hands, and the use of sales revenue to develop the City’s infrastructure.


  Second: American film director John Huston filmed his 1964 film “The Night of the Iguana” in Mismaloya, a small town south of Puerto Vallarta. During filming, the US media provided extensive coverage of Elizabeth Taylor’s extramarital romance with Richard Burton, as well as covering the frequent confrontations between Huston and the film’s four stars. Subsequent advertising helped put Puerto Vallarta on the map for American tourists. Huston’s cook opened a now busy restaurant in the Romantic Zone of Vallarta and part of the beach land of the South Bay of Huston is used heavily on a daily basis.

  Third: The Mexican government invested significantly in transportation improvements, making Puerto Vallarta an easy travel destination. The government re-developed the airport. Road transport improved significantly as the government invested heavily in road infrastructure and public services. Another vital improvement for the city in 1970 was El Salado pier, where the current cruise terminal is located, which makes Vallarta the first port city of Jalisco. The current 3-year construction of the new 167,000-square-foot Magic Harbor terminal with public spaces and stores, a large parking ramp and the largest aquarium in Latin America is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

  Fourth: In 1968 the municipality of Puerto Vallarta was elevated to City status. The elevation in the state reflected the interest of the Mexican federal and state governments in developing Puerto Vallarta as an international tourist destination that has since also attracted a very large and lively expatriate community.

  Fifth: The city showed its new image in August of 1970, when the president of the US, Richard Nixon, met with the then president of Mexico, Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, in Puerto Vallarta for the negotiations of the treaty. That visit showed the newly developed international airport and the infrastructure of the Vallarta resort. The presidential visit contributed significantly to the name of Vallarta appearing in the news as a top-level international tourist destination.

  Sixth: The development of a resort hotel in Vallarta had its peak since the 1970s. Before 1973, hotels in Puerto Vallarta used to be modest establishments with a medium price. There were only two large luxury hotels. Today, approximately 2.5 million people from the United States and Canada come to Vallarta annually as visitors and residents, while Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit now have more than 34,000 hotel rooms.

• Boca de Tomatlan – An authentic Mexican fishing village approximately a 30 minute drive south of downtown Vallarta accessible by land or water.

• Mismaloya – A fifteen to twenty minute trip south of downtown Puerto Vallarta. Home of the famous Mismaloya beach.

• Amapas – A hillside area located on the mountainside of the Romantic zONE with stunning views from the hills.

• Conchas Chinas – An hillside community southeast from Los Muertos beach.

• Alta Vista – At te southeastern part of Puerto Vallarta just south of the Rio Cuale, a hillside community with beautiful jungle and bay views.

• Emiliano Zapata – South of the River Cuale

• Caloso and Canoas – East of Emiliano Zapata and north the Rio Cuale.

• Centro – The oldest town – north of the River Cuale to Hidalgo Park.

• 5 Diciembre – Just north of the Center, and with Zapata among the first neighborhoods.

• Lázaro Cardenas – Which houses a large recreation complex and the city’s largest fish market.

• Versalles – The old pink Zone, prior to the development of the North Hotel Zone.

• Bugambillas and Ramblases – Located on the northwest slopes of the hills east of the city and relatively poor areas that receive service mainly by dirt roads, except hillside areas that have good views and, therefore, attract residents with more resources.

• Pitillal – It was once a small town and now it’s populous neighborhood straight east of the harbor.

• Bobadilla – Just north of Pitillal and also an important residential area. • Marina Vallarta – An upscale development located just south of the airport and a few miles north of Puerto Vallarta itself.

• Jarretaderas and Las Juntas – Located between the Ameca River to the east and Nuevo Vallarta to the west, the 200 highway to the north. Two small Mexican communities with low-priced housing.

• Nuevo Vallarta – A planned residentialcommunity located fifteen minutes north of Puerto Vallarta’s Airport.

• Mezcales – A small village of 4,000 people about 20 minutes north of the airport.

• Bucerias – A charming Mexican fishing village with 17,000 residents located just north of Mezcales.

• La Cruz – Located between Punta de Mita and Bucerias and approximately 30 minutes from Puerto Vallarta. This area has become more relevant as part of the larger tourist development called Riviera Nayarit.

• Punta de Mita – A luxury area at the tip developed with luxury homes, The W Hotel that was just named to the Top 10 in the world, Regis Hotel, Four Seasons Resort, hotels, golf courses and Bill Gates huge development.

Condos, Townhouses and Beautiful Homes

There are literally thousands of homes throughout the

Vallarta area from the far north to the far south. New constructions, old properties, some remodeled and others not yet. Prices go from high to low. Some are available for rent, others for sale. Honestly, you should allow 2-3 days to drive your rental car, or hire a taxi or Uber to take you through all the different areas until you get to the point of saying “this is good” a few times and “no way” a few times.


There are several dozen real estate offices and many dozens of real estate agents in Vallarta. Most of them are very

professional, they tell you the truth and they help yousincerely to find the perfect property for you. Obviously, allreal estate expats work with excellent English and manymoved to Vallarta several years ago from the United States orCanada. Unfortunately, there may be some bad apples among real estate agents in Vallarta. Our strongest recommendation is never to rent or buy real estate without first seeing them and evaluating the location, etc. We are not real estate agents, but once you explain what type of property you are looking for, price range, rent or purchase, and schedule, we will be happy to direct you to some honest and reputable real estate agents who have helped many expats .


Due to the constant and rapid growth rate in Vallarta, there are also many lawyers in Vallarta. All legal documents here are in Spanish, perhaps with partial translations into English. Definitely, you should hire a lawyer if you are not comfortable with any part of any real estate transaction to make sure you understand everything. We recommend that you hire a lawyer to purchase a property instead of a lease. We hire a lawyer when we buy our house. We can also direct you to an excellent lawyer, specializing in real estate, if you wish.

Property Insurance – Buyers/Renters

As part of any real estate purchase, or lease for more short term, we suggest you buy property insurance as usual in the United States and Canada. It’s the same in Mexico. There are many insurance offices in Puerto Vallarta, so you can shop around, but ask the agents if you can have at least the first pages that show coverage in English because some offer that and others don’t. If you wish, we can refer you to our agent.

Bringing your Personal Belongings to Vallarta

When you move to Vallarta, you have the option to take everything with you when you drive, hire a carrier or take it on the plane as luggage. If you drive, you can pack your car, trailer and luggage rack if you wish. Border agents may ask you to see your luggage, but in general they don’t ask you that. There are also excellent trucking companies that we can recommend that do this all the time and always arrive on time, but they are not cheap. You can also bring a large number of extra suitcases such as luggage when you fly. This can also be expensive, but you have everything with you. Obviously, it depends on your situation. A precaution about bringing all your furniture, works of art, etc. to Vallarta. First, most condos and houses that you can buy or rent come furnished. Also, some wooden furniture in the north is not termite-proof like tropical wood. In addition, the tropical style furniture can be different. There are options and they are all personal.

Another option that people have when they move to Vallarta is to acquire some or many of the quality Mexican elements for their home. There are stores in Vallarta that offer some of them, but it is also fun to go shopping in the towns of Tonala and Tlaquepaque, located east of Guadalajara. That is the central distribution area for Mexican art, ceramics, furniture and other probabilities and purposes.

Advantages of Living in Puerto Vallarta

When we first arrived in Vallarta, it was clear that there were many expatriates who lived here, few compared to the current amount, but it was still a large crowd. So we started asking them how long they had lived here and we started listening for 10-12-15 years. Also, they had no intention of leaving. The people here were very relaxed and took the time to talk to us. They certainly were not in any hurry. We liked that because we were looking for stability.

Professionalism in Real Estate

Real estate agent working in the office and piles of paperwork, model house on the foreground and mortgage loan documentation

After watching and talking with many people for a week or more, we began to get very excited to maybe live in Vallarta, so we contacted a couple of real estate agents and observed some properties. In a short time, we both noticed a great deal of professionalism that we had not noticed in Panama, the only other place we had searched.

When we requested the procedure to make an offer, we were shown a blank purchase agreement, explained how to use an annex, explained that the initial payment was made with a deposit, etc. It was a big difference with respect to Panama, where real estate agents said that the first step was to issue an advance check to the seller and then, if he accepted and kept the money, we had to hire a lawyer to draft a purchase agreement and we would have to pay for the lawyer. This was something we would never do, so we never went through the negotiation stage.

Excellent Medical Care


When we lived in Minnesota, we went regularly to the Mayo Clinic to perform physical exams. Every year, Sara complained of a sinus problem, and several times she had the problem while we were in May, and even then they could never find the problem and they were never able to help her. Shortly after arriving in Vallarta, she had another episode.

We were surprised to make an appointment the same day with an ear, nose and throat specialist. After a 10-minute test, he said: “I think I see the problem, but I’m going to need an MRI to be sure.” Sara asked how long it would take. His response was “follow me”.

He took her to the X-ray department, she had an MRI and he explained the problem and told her how he could fix it. He underwent outpatient surgery the next morning and has not had a single problem in the last 10 years.

We both had other medical problems, including cancer, that were taken care of so well that the Chief of Surgery at MD Anderson in the United States was very impressed with the work done by Vallarta specialists. Withso many expats here now, we hear of all sorts of medical issues that are dealt with quickly and professionally in Vallarta and for a fraction of the cost in the US.

Tropical Climate

When we were sailing, we traveled north, to Alaska, and then south, to South America, to find the ideal tropical place to live where it was not too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. We believe that we found it in Vallarta and we have lived here for approximately 10 years. Usually, we only use the air conditioning in our room for a few hours at night in the heat of summer and close the windows at night for a month or so in the winter.

We believe that this is as close to perfect as we can find. Specifically, Vallarta’s climate is tropical and humid, with a high average daily temperature of 86 ° F, a low average daily temperature of 70 ° F and an average humidity of 75%. The rainy season is from mid-June to mid-October.

Even during the rainy season, the rain tends to be in large storms. Hurricanes rarely come close to hitting Vallarta but they have arrived on some occasions. The last to cause damage was Hurricane Kenna in 2002, where that hurricane could not reach land due to the Sierra Madre mountains. Winter is the driest season of the year.

Speaking Spanish Is Not Necessary

Man and woman are shaking hands in office. Collaborative teamwork.

There are many Spanish teachers in Vallarta and many expats attend. We have not attended any of them and we just learned Spanish for most situations. I am sure that if we had more fluency, we would feel more comfortable in more situations. However, we must bear in mind that many Mexicans have also taken English classes because there are many expats here now and more are moving here all the time. A little fluency in Spanish makes living here a bit more comfortable.

Clean Water

water pouring into glass from bottle isolated on white

Year after year, Puerto Vallarta’s drinking water is among the purest in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta uses well water with advanced purification and distribution systems. We drink water in our house and many people we know also do it. Most condominium buildings have modern purification systems as backups, just like we do in our home, so it really depends more on the plumbing system of the house or condominium than on Vallarta’s water. In addition, companies like Coca Cola distribute large bottles of water for home dispensers, so it’s up to you.


From our experience in the United States, we believe that buying in Vallarta is the closest thing to the United States that we have seen anywhere, except in Panama City, which has three main supermarkets, but none like the Comer chain in Vallarta. They just opened their second big new supermarket, right next to Costco. Mega y Soriana are other great, excellent Mexican grocery chains and merchandise in general. But, in addition, Vallarta also has Costco, 3 Walmarts, 2 Sam’s Clubs, Home Depot, and many excellent stores that sell all kinds of things we had in the United States. The other very beautiful cities, countries and islands that we visited had much, much less.

Lower Living Cost than in Other Places

From our many conversations with expatriates who have moved here much more recently, and from our regular visits to the United States, we believe that the overall cost of living here is significantly lower than in the United States and Canada. But it’s really hard to put a percentage because we all live differently. Some people spend much more than others. However, we believe that the overall costs here are much cheaper.

It’s a Safe Place

Police officer in uniform shows parking place to female driver. Law protection, car traffic inspector, safety control job

We feel very safe here. We walk and drive everywhere at night and don’t worry about anything. And we are not alone feeling that way. Many people walk at night without problems. We have heard from many expats and we agree that in general it is safer than many places in the United States. Every time we are outside and anywhere, we try to keep our “smart brain” turned on and not slip into the “holiday brain” anywhere today.

It’s Really Easy to Get Here

Two female tourists with bags waiting for departure in international airport. Passengers with baggage in air terminal, back view, happy journey of white and black ladies, summer travel of happy women

It is very easy to get to Vallarta either by air or by car. All major US and Canadian airlines fly a large number of flights to PVR, as well as AeroMexico (image) and many other Mexican airlines and now even some European airlines.

PVR is a very modern and busy international airport with all the shops and restaurants that could be found at any major airport. We have also driven back and forth five times, crossing both Laredo and Nogales. Both are approximately the same distance from Vallarta and both take two days driving from the border. We are in favor of crossing through Nogales and heading south on the highway. Vallarta is also a reasonable placefor visits from family and friends and it is definitely a place they will love to come to.

The construction is now completed, after several years, in the first and hardest section of the highway that crosses the mountains between Vallarta and Guadalajara. That new 4-lane section is located between Jala, NW of Guadalajara on Highway 15 through some beautiful mountains up to Compostella on the coast side. There is a shorter section and a longer section that are still under construction. When completed, it’s projected that the new highway will cut the current 5-hour trip to Guadalajara to 2 and a half hours. We have driven that route several times.

Activities The Kids Will Love To Do In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is filled with activities for the kids and adventures the entire family will love. One of few places in the world where the ocean shorline borders the jungles of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta offers more diversity in experiences and memories that will last.

Aquaventuras Park

As children usually love adventure parks, this place is the perfect location where you could let your kid play while you’re staying on a sunbed drinking a cocktail. Families can enjoy sliding 10 amazing waterslides, floating along the river, swimming with the dolphins and spending some quality time together in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. The park has reasonable prices and the kids will surely be nervous about entering the park.

Paradise Adventure Park

Although it might seem the same thing as the first adventure park, this one is the perfect choice for parents who have bigger kids that love the adventure. Here the families will have the opportunity of spending some time in an authentic tropical forest in Puerto Vallarta while testing their limits with amazing activities. Here, both the kids and their parents will be thought how to ride an ATV, how to zip-line from tree to tree, by experimented tutors.

The prices are lower if it comes to compare this park with the previous one but you need to be sure that your kid is really interested in getting some mud on his shoes while learning how to “travel” as monkeys do.

Ocean Friendly Whale Watching Tours

If your kid is in love with the aquatic creatures that live under the sea, then why not take them to watch the friendly whales on a guided tour? Ocean-friendly Tours offers customized tours that will help tourists discover the realm of whales, dolphins and others creatures that could be found in Puerto Vallarta. All tours are headed by a bilingual marine scientist and an experienced crew that guarantees the passenger’s safety during the tour.

You will be provided with vests that will assure the comfort and safety of your family while watching the huge animals in their natural habitat. Tours usually do not take long and you will also have the opportunity to taste some great Mexican food while having fun during the tour.

10 Romantic Places to Stay in Puerto Vallarta this Season

Whether you are on your honeymoon or simply celebrating the love between you and your partner, you can choose the accommodation that will help you create a magnificent atmosphere. As the views and activities have an important role in our life, you will never forget spending your time in a great hotel, in a romantic atmonsphere.

Today, we’ll be going to find out which are the best 10 Romantic Hotels in Puerto Vallarta.

1.- Hyatt Ziva

Rated by tourists as being the best romantic hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Hyatt Ziva is a natural open-air paradise, with amazing pools and great views to the ocean.

You will be having the opportunity to taste great dishes from Mexico’s traditional cuisine. The hotel is perfect for its spacious rooms, with thick walls that will offer you an intimate experience with your partner.

The best part about it is that you can choose an all-inclusive program that will surely make you feel special and you will provided with everything needed during your stay.

2.- Fiesta Americana

Situated in Banderas Bay, this fancy hotel is surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains and it has a wonderful beach in front of it.

Fiesta Americana provides its customers with high-quality spa services, such as massages, facials sauna and steams rooms. Moreover, the hotel has an outdoor pool that is always warm and spacious.

The best part about this hotel is that it has a special infinity pool only for adults, so you can enjoy your time together, without being distracted by some noisy kids.

You will be surprised while tasting some premium meals such as lobster, fine cuts, prawns and expensive wines.

3.- Grand Miramar Hotel & Spa

With a great view directly to both the Pacific Ocean and the center of the city, the hotel impresses with 3 awesome pools, one exterior hot tub, and a huge activity place, specially made for couples.

Besides that, there’s also an adult-only terrace with 2 hot tubs and a heated pool, where you can spend some time with your partner, away from all the noise.

The rooms are decorated in order to maintain a warm atmosphere, and they have multiple features such as flat-screen TVs, modern and expensive furniture, luxurious amenities and outdoor hot tubs (for premium rooms).

A private chef will take care of all your culinary needs and a 24-hours opened restaurant. For the adults only, there is a large amount of bottles of wine you can choose from, included in the initial price.

4.-Westin Resort & Spa

Situated on a private beach which offers great views to the Pacific Oceans is the perfect place for a family or for couples, the staff providing them with first-class amenities and services and a large variety of activities.

The Westin Resort and Spa Puerto Vallarta will surely make you remember the trip for a long time, because of the services and features offered: you can relax while having a beachside massage, or simply enjoy a great meal at one of the restaurants of the property.

Being situated in a proper place, you have the chance to be near to some popular tourist attractions and take part in multiple activities: start your day with some watersports, go shopping, visit some art galleries or explore the wildlife.

5.-Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center

Being recognized for its special beauty treatments and spa, Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center is the perfect place to go to if you need a peaceful holiday away from all the problems from your daily life.

Providing its clients with delicious meals and ocean incredible views, the hotel represents the perfect place to escape from this season.

Each room is equipped with multiple features that are meant to improve your stay: every room has a 32-inches TV, a large balcony.

Additionally, you have the opportunity of taking tennis lessons on one of the tennis courts provided by the hotel.

The best part about it is that you can choose from the menu, which type of food is most suitable for you: you can choose from European meals, Mexican traditional food, and tasteful cocktails.

6.-Hotelito Mio Boutique Hotel

This hotel, situated in Playa Caballo has an awesome swimming pool, a huge spa with great services and healing treatments, yoga and Pilates session and private access to a deserted beach.

The hotel impresses with its views to both the jungle and the ocean and the hotel provides also small boats with drivers that can show you the surroundings.

The hotel provides its customers with authentic Mexican dishes using fresh vegetables and bio products that come directly from some local farmers.

7.- Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort

Located just at a few steps from 2 shopping centers the hotel offers magnificence views of the mountains, being the perfect place for a couple.

The hotel offers a large number of features that will make from your holiday an unforgettable one: ever room features modern décor, a flat-screen TV and a balcony where you have the chance to admire the Pacific Ocean.

Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort provides its clients with 4 restaurants offering meals from all over the world, seafood and amazing drinks. The restaurants are opened 24/24 in order to give you the chance to east whenever you feel the need to/

The best part about it is the big fitness center that will help you stay fit and get rid of some kilo if needed.

8.- Crown Paradise Golden

Situated near the city’s center, Crown Paradise Golden [provides its customers with great services and luxurious accommodation in order to make your holiday memorable.

The best part about it is that by staying at6 this hotel, you can never get bored. You have plenty of activities you can choose from, starting from different watersports and pools to dance courses during the night. This hotel has entertainment moments for all the tastes.

The customers will be served with traditional Mexican food in a farm-to-table restaurant that is on the hotel’s property.

9.- Villa Armonia Luxury Boutique Hotel

Situated at 24km away from Cruise Ship Pier, Villa Armonia Luxury Boutique Hotel could be found in Tomato, a district from Puerto Vallarta.

The property has a lot of features in order to help the clients to have a great holiday while staying here.

You will have the opportunity to taste some great French tradi5tional food directly from the restaurant’s cuisine and also have some incredible views.

10.- Almar Resort Luxury LGBT Beach Front Experience

This hotel was designed especially for both single and in a relationship people. The kids are no longer accepted here so you can be sure that you will have a peaceful experience by staying here.

Located at 6km from Cruised Ship Pier the hotel represents the best place where you can go and spend some high-quality time. There are also a lot of features that will make your trip better.

As you can see, there are plenty of hotels where you can stay in Puerto Vallarta in order to have a memorable trip. However, there are also other alternatives when it comes about celebrating your love, but a hotel that has already got the necessary atmosphere is the best choice.

Enjoy your stay in Puerto Vallarta!

Experience Life Outdoors in Puerto Vallarta: How to Pack Lightly for your Hiking Adventures


Few travel to Puerto Vallarta knowing that there is a lush green jungle lining the crystal blue oceans that is just as fun to explore as the deep blue sea.

Those who do, however, get to experience hiking, waterfalls and the Sierra Madre Mountains at their finest.

Here is a guide on how to pack lightly for your hiking adventures:

1.- First, understand the terrain you are going to hike

It is essential to have an idea of the area you are going hiking. This is the first step to that seamless hiking adventure you yearn. Find out information on the area. Ask yourself these questions; Do you know how the terrain you are going to hike in looks .like? How is the weather situation n the area? Are there bugs?

2.- Pack only the necessities

When going on a hike, avoid carrying unnecessary clothes. Instead, pack attire that will be useful for you during your hike. In Puerto Vallarta the air is hot & humid so wear light hiking clothes, bring a change of underwear, a swim suit, good shoes and extra socks.

3.- Try bottom-up packing

This is a packing method I feel every person intending to hike should use. It is where you start by packing your sizable amenities first at the bottom and then pack the essentials close to the top. Do not be in a situation where you try fitting all your heavy stuff at the top and your clothes at the bottom; You will have to empty the bag if you want to change your shirt.

4.- Prioritize items that can easily condensed

 It is advisable to itemize the belonging you would wish to carry based on their capacity to fold. The more natural an item can fold the better. This will ensure that it is easily transportable when not in use. You can also look for items that have several uses to save some much-needed space. And don’t forget the camera.

Realize from the beginning that your priority is the adventure. This will go a long way in shaping your decisions on what to carry. Just know that efficient packing equals efficient hiking. Once you blunder during packing, you are most likely going to have a not-so-pleasant hike.

Networking & Coworking in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re a professional moving to another region or visiting on an extended stay, it’s important to you will have a good network connection available and a place you can work with.

Here in Puerto Vallarta, we offer a few options for locals and travelers alike to come & work in a quiet, professional space with strong WiFi & great people.

Vallarta Cowork

When it comes about finding a space where you can work in peace without being disturbed by different factors, then you have to look for a place where people come and do the same thing as you.

There are a few coworking buildings specially designed for people who come to work in a common space in Puerto Vallarta called Vallarta CoWork & their sister company Natureza.

Fast internet connection

The firms that own such places make sure you have a great internet connection so you can download or upload as fast as needed. They will give you wireless access during the entire working day so you shouldn’t worry about losing your work because of the lack of proper internet connection.

Great working temperature

Puerto Vallarta is a very hot region situated near the Pacific Ocean, sometimes especially hot during the summer. If it is too hot outside, the coworking space will always have proper temperatures for their clients to feel relieved with air conditioning and outside hammocks for your comfort.

Available meeting rooms

If you need to get your entire team together for a special meeting, then the Coworking space will provide you with the necessary meeting area that is quiet and professional. There are multiple meeting rooms you can choose from in order to find the most suitable one for both you and your team.

A place you can keep your belongings in

 If you‘re tired of getting your papers at home every night, they offer special lockers you can keep them in. You are the only one who has the key so you work will always be safe.

There so many features offered and the fees are really small. You can spend a day here starting with $10 and enjoy the comfort of such a great place.

Start working in a peaceful environment at Vallarta Cowork and you will never regret it.

Where to find the best craft beers & local bites in Puerto Vallarta

It’s a hot day in Puerto Vallarta, you’ve been exploring the area and appreciating its beauty, or maybe you’ve just been doing all sorts of fun stuff that PV offers. You’re done for the day and are looking for a place to relax with your mates and have some craft beer. And we all know beer tastes better on a full stomach. So you also want a place that you can grab a bite and have beer at the same time.

Here in PV, we have you covered. Here are some famous spots where you’ll find the best craft beers & local bites all in one.

  1. Monzon Brewery

Monzon Brewery is one of such establishments. This famous brewery, located in the popular romantic zone, is ideal for chilling with friends or your loved one while sipping on some delicious beer crafted with innovation and enterprise. The beer that is crafted to bring out that unique taste that sets it apart from all the others.

In addition to beer, the establishment also offers its customers a wide array of foods in their menu. There are some tapas bites provided every day from 3 to 5 pm at pocket-friendly prices. The bites include Jalapeño Bottle Caps, Chicken or Chorizo Taco, Chips and Bean Dip, Salmon Tostada and Cheesy Garlic Bread with the amount ranging from $20 to $30.

  1. Los Muerto Brewery

 Los Muertos Puerto Vallarta brewery is another exciting craft beer joint in the area. The establishment offers eight different types of craft beer, an ideal place for people in various regions of the world. If you are in Conchas Chinas or the romantic zone then Los Muerto is just a few minutes away.

In addition to the beer, they also offer a wide variety of food to chose from. They also provide some light plates that include chicken tenders, chicken wings, and french fries. What’s even better is the fact that their happy hour is every day from 4 to 6.

So, when you visit Puerto Vallarta, do not hesitate to go and experience all that it has to offer. Try some unique beers from these local pubs and who knows, and it might end up being the best decision you ever made.

If you want to be near the best craft beers of Puerto Vallarta, visit our page:

Enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s Artwalk Every Wednesday Night In Downtown

PV is a place you visit where your art desires will be fulfilled. And what better way than to be part of Puerto Vallarta’s Artwalk every Wednesday night in Downtown.

Discover exciting and mindblowing pieces of art and jewelry from several artists and designers from Mexico and also some from different parts of the world. As Albert Einstein put it, “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

Here is a guide to the different art galleries found in Downtown Vallarta

Colectika Ancestral Contemporary Art Gallery

This is where you go if you want to relieve ancient Mexico through art. Artists from Mexico renowned from all over the world carefully and skillfully created pieces that take you back in time while still being in tune with the modern world.

Only One Jewelry

This art gallery which was started three years ago is one of Puerto Vallarta’s preferred stop for jewelry enthusiasts. The gallery displays hand made, quality and authentic jewelry pieces that have been curved from high-quality stones.

Corsica Art Gallery

If you wish to view pieces collected from around the world, then this is where you should be on Wednesday while in Puerto Vallarta. The artwork displayed has been carefully selected by Jean Pierre Renucci, a renowned international collector and curator.

MannMade Mexico

Need to find art pieces and artifacts for your home or office in an artistic and modern way? Then you have to visit the ManMade Mexico modern design gallery. The gallery features perfectly designed pieces perfect for decorating your spaces.

Galería Pacifico

This is one of the galleries that have been active in Puerto Vallarta for the longest time now. Since 1987, the gallery has continuously displayed beautiful contemporary art pieces and sculptures from various artists. The gallery has been a source of inspiration for various artists including Ramiz Barquet.

Galería Caballito de Mar

Are you fun of or a collector of antiques and vintages? Then this is the gallery for you. The gallery features a diverse portfolio of the antique and vintage jewelry, ceramics and also textiles. Appreciate the skills the men and women of ancient Mexico had.

Galería Uno

This award-winning PV gallery showcases artworks from several artists. It has managed to survive the test of time by being around Puerto Vallarta for over 43 years. And throughout this time, the gallery has displayed art from several artists living and working n Mexico.

Galería de Ollas

In 1971 the quest of a 15-year-old boy Juan Quezada, who by then was already 30 years, to recreate ancient pottery making process was complete. Fast forward to 1998 when Galería de Ollas was established to display some of the works of people who were beneficiaries of the knowledge passed down from Juan Quezada. The pottery displayed are hand made, beautiful and unique and are an indication of what ancient Mexico Pottery looked like.


There are several other galleries in Puerto Vallarta including the LOD where you find jewelry and The Loft Galeria which features contemporary and modern art pieces from the world over. Artists are unique, and this is evident from the art pieces they create. It’s true you will never see enough art. So head on to Puerto Vallarta’s Artwalk every Wednesday night in Downtown.

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