The Best Nightlife Activities in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is known for its white sandy beaches, authentic Mexican culture and the Church of our Lady of Guadalupe, but the town truly comes alive in the night.

There are some fun indoor and outdoor activities that you can indulge in while visiting Puerto Vallarta.

Here are some of the best nightlife activities in Puerto Vallarta.

  1. Clubbing

Now, if you love having a good time after a hectic day or you are just a fun of the night life, then PV has you covered. The city is full of vibrant nightclubs. Enjoy drinks the whole night as you listen to great music and meet new people. Some of these clubs are located that give you the pleasure of incredible views of the Puerto Vallarta landscape and skyline as you dance the night away.

  1. Romantic Dinners

PV also caters for the loved ones. Couples have the freedom to chose from several restaurants that offer romantic dinner packages. You can decide to have a candlelit dinner and show at Las Caletas to spice up your relationship. Or visit one of those beachside restaurants for that late evening view of the Los Muertos pier as you bond.


  1. Visit the Seaside

Visit the Malecón seaside boardwalk, which is regarded as the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta is one of the best places to experience the power of the ocean. Visit the area and grab a drink on the beach in one of several restaurants located in the area.

  1. Visit and attend night shows

Attending night shows in Puerto Vallarta should be in your to-do list while in the city. Several theatres offer all-around entertainment to their guests. There are several local and international acts doing shows in various stages around the town such as ACT II Theaters.

  1. Visit islands for night shows

There are several tours where guests travel by boat to an island for a candlelit night full of entertainment. Enjoy the night in the Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful islands being treated to spectacles and shows all through the night. These are perfect for all groups of people including children.

When choosing a holiday destination, your options may be limited depending on what you are looking for in a holiday destination. But in Puerto Vallarta, you get all those things in one. You do not compromise on your nightlife holiday fun; not even when you’re in isolated islands.


How to Plan a Road-Trip in Puerto Vallarta

When most think of traveling to Mexico, rarely does a road trip seem feasable because, as rumor has it, the entire Country is dangerous for tourists. Right?




Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Unlike it’s reputation, Mexico, and especially Puerto Vallarta, is one of the safest places you could be. AARP ranked Puerto Vallarta the #1 destination for retirees in 2017, while an average of almost 4 million travelers come to PV each year, majority of them being American and Canadian travelers.


So now that we’ve crushed that rumor, check out this quick guide on how to plan a road-trip in Puerto Vallarta:


Choose your destination

Knowing where you wish to visit beforehand is very important. Figuring out the places you wish to visit before embarking on a road trip will help you do proper planning. You decide on things like which means of transportion is suitable for visiting those places and what to carry.


However, most of the time you visit a place with a clear plan of where you want to visit, and you end up visiting more sites. Do not be too rigid, go with the mentality that plans might change so that you can enjoy the trip. Find out about the place and make sure you know how to get there so you can make a decision on the mode of transport suitable for you.

Do you know how to get there?

Are you sure you know how to get to the places you have decided to visit? This is very important there’s no need for you to plan a road trip and then get lost, it is pointless. You can buy a map for better navigation or hire the services of a guide. It’s also smart to use Google Maps to plan the route to your destination, then screen shot the directions incase you lose your data connection along the way.

Estimate the cost

Now that you have decided on a place to visit and also know how to get there, the next logical question to ask yourself is, how much do I need? Make costs based on the number of days you want the road-trip to last. This goes a long way in ensuring the road trip is successful. Calculate cost for accommodation, food, gas and all other things necessary for the trip. Be sure to bring enough pesos to cover all of your meals, tips, souvenirs and gas as few places in Mexico take credit cards.

Fly Solo vs. Tour Companies

Do not make the mistake of putting yourself at the mercy of vulture tour companies that may try and exploit you. Rent a car as soon as you touch down in Puerto Vallarta or make plans before your trip. Without a car, your options for activities will be limited, but there are bus routes that go pretty far north and south of the town.


Make plans for that road-trip that you have been dreaming of now so you can experience Puerto Vallarta’s beauty on the road.


Top 5 Best Activity You Can Do in Puerto Vallarta.

If you are a sports lover, Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place to do sports and recreational activities. The natural scenarios of Puerto Vallarta make it the ideal destination for a family holiday, where kids and adults can have fun climbing mountains, walking in the mountains or 2enjoying zip lines (canopy), you can also practice diving, fishing and fishing. Snorkeling, among other activities. But for more details you might like to start a tour of the best tours and activities in Puerto Vallarta:


1.-Diving and Snorkeling

Puerto Vallarta is a good place to practice diving or snorkeling, these activities can be done in places like Mismaloya Beach, Marietas, Yelapa, Majahuitas, Marietas Islands or Los Arcos National Marine Park. The sea of ​​Banderas Bay will give you the opportunity to explore the reefs and some caverns with colorful fish, sea turtles, stars and sea horses, dolphins, sailfish, among other species.

If you have no experience in diving, do not worry, several tour operators offer diving classes at different levels, and can even obtain the PADI certification (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).


2.-Climbing and Zip Line

Do you like the heights and the adrenaline? You can descend in rappel or shoot yourself in zip lines in the different canopy in Puerto Vallarta. There are also motorcycle rides through the mountains. Ask about the trips to the Huicholes, also the descent by the waterfalls, tours on mules and travel by bus to Mascota, Talpa and San Sebastián del Oeste. In all of them you can find different options of entertainment and activities in the sea, rivers, waterfalls and mountains, surrounded by the beautiful landscape that the Pacific and the mountains of the Sierra will give you.



The sea of ​​the Bay of Banderas form a good scenario to practice fishing. Here you can find fish needles, sail, red snapper, tuna and dorado among other varieties of fish. Also after fishing you can taste them fresh in the rivers and especially in the surroundings of the mountains of the Sierra Madre. Come and eat a fish truly fresh from the sea!


4.- Playing golf

If you like Golf, in Puerto Vallarta you can enjoy it. Vallarta has 3 excellent golf courses where green is lost in the mountains of the Sierra, all you have to do is decide whether to play 9 or 18 holes …

The Vista Vallarta golf course has been the setting for the PGA Golf World Cup. It has two 18-hole par 72 courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf. Another golf club is that of Marina Vallarta, with an 18-hole par 71 course designed by Joe Finger and characterized by the great view over the Bay of Balanders. Visit them !.


5.- Cruising the Bay

Stroll aboard a boat while relaxing in the sun or drinking your favorite drink. You can rent a boat in the Marina Vallarta, ask to be taken to an isolated beach so you can enjoy your privacy with your partner and enjoy the extraordinary sunset, ending with a romantic evening back to the port under the stars.

Visiting Puerto Vallarta Destinations On A Budget

If you want to explore Puerto Vallarta and Visit its destination but you are on a budget, there are some things you should keep in mind the make a smart, convenient but great trip. Here come our top tips to visiting Puerto Vallarta destinations on a budget.



Forget about hotels and tours. Rather, travel with your backpack! Cost-conscious “backpackers” travel light (which is quite logical, as they carry their belongings in a backpack) and choose budget accommodation while they are traveling. They also usually choose local food and often stay on the road for longer, moving quickly between numerous destinations. If you are traveling during the low season, you will spend even less, saving money on anything from flights to accommodation and attractions.



Booking in advance is amazing to save your spot, create a schedule for your itinerary and save a lot of money! If you want to go for a tour in Puerto Vallarta, look for some online offer as the online price is often absolutely cheaper than the one at the front office! You will save a lot of money without renouncing to your bucket list!



Although you probably do not believe it, taking a trip that lasts longer is much less expensive than a quick blitz. Why? By creating a “base” in another place, long-term travelers do not have to pay constantly for transportation to their next destination and are able to take advantage of short-term rental opportunities instead of paying the most expensive daily hostel rates. In addition, long-term travelers are typically more interested in learning about a culture by living it and “doing the same things as the locals” (instead of paying for expensive tours and day trips), they love to cook their own meals too.



It’s no secret that eating at the restaurant every day costs (not to mention the potential deleterious effect on your waistline!). Those who travel paying attention to costs know that cooking their own meals saves a lot: even more if you decide to divide costs by cooking and sharing a meal with your travel companions who share the accommodation or the hostel with you (visit exhibitions food and supermarkets abroad is part of the fun!)



If you are looking for a place where to eat something typical to avoid touristic traps, where you will pay a lot of money while eating low quality food, ask locals! In Puerto Vallarta locals are so open and friendly and they love getting to know brand new people! Connecting with them you will have a glimpse into their culture, habits and lifestyle while collecting useful tips and trip about where to eat real traditional food or where to find underrated hidden gems to explore.



Try to invest your money in what’s authentic. If you want to buy something buy something linked to the local tradition and culture and try to invest your money in experience and not material things!

Best Time to Go Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Many travelers crave fishing in a country that is situated near of the ocean. Fishing is not as easy as it might look from the beginning. Before catching your first small aquatic animal, you need to be trained how to use the fishing equipment and how to be patient enough in order wait for your prospective catch to appear…

If you want to go fishing in Puerto Vallarta you have to adapt to the type of fish you would like to catch. As Puerto Vallarta is situated near the Pacific Ocean, you’ll be surprised to see that there are millions of fish and other aquatic creatures living there.

Here are a few tips that will help you chose the period to go fishing in Puerto Vallarta in order to catch the type you are looking for.

a) Be aware of weather conditions

As Puerto Vallarta is a tropical region, fishing is a pleasant activity doing the entire year as the temperatures are not as low as in other regions. However, the perfect fishing temperature is generally 27 ◦ C during the day and cooler at night.

b) Try an expedition charter

If you want to include fishing in your list of “to do” activities in Puerto Vallarta then you have to know that fishing costs usually 10% / 15% of the cost of the charter. This fee could be paid using the local currency or with US dollars.

c) Check the list of available fish during the chosen period

As the fishing season in Puerto Vallarta lasts the entire year, you have to choose one period and try to catch some types of fisher you were dreaming about. If you want to catch the large tuna fish, then February is the perfect month when you have the higher chances to get it.


During the summer or spring season, you could fish for the black, blue or striped marlin.

If your aim is to catch the sailfish, the best season is the winter, although this fish could be also catcher during the entire year.

If you decide to go in a holiday in Puerto Vallarta inn June or July, then except finding the Yellow Fish Tuna or a Dorado.



d) Chose the most suitable fishing place for you

Apart from just fishing in Puerto Vallarta, you have the opportunity of doing it on the beaches of Banderas Bay which is a large area or in the Sierra Madre mountains where you can both fish and admire the impressive views.

Remember that there are lots of opportunities to go fishing in Puerto Vallarta. The trips are not so expensive and all the equipment is included so there is nothing you should worry about.

9 Most Romantic Date Night Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

One of the most important moments in the beginning of a relationship is those first few dates. Although it might not seem important, the place where those lovers meet matters a lot in their first impressions of each other. This is the reason why you will probably need a great restaurant in order to spend some high-quality time with your lover in an awesome atmosphere.

1.-La Palapa

One of the greatest parts about this restaurant is that you can book a table for 2 and watch the sunset while eating or drinking a bottle of wine near the beach. You can choose from a variety of seafood right on the beach, at reasonable prices.


2.-Café des Artistes

You want a memorable date near of the person you are in love with? Then this place is perfect for you. With a friendly staff, you will be given everything you want in order to make your night special. Come and taste some Traditional Mexican food here and negotiate the price!

3.-The River Cafe

If you just want a night out in order to forget about your daily life problems and .listen to jazz, then The River Café is waiting for you! You can order appetizer, main dish and a delicious dessert for up to $20 in order to save up some money in order to surprise your partner with a present.

4.-Trio Restaurante

Trio Restaurante is known for its awesome dishes with amazing plantings that are meant to impress both you and your partner when the order arrives. You have the opportunity to choose from a large variety of dishes careful chosen from all corners of the world in order to make your dinner memorable. Fast waiters and friendly staff.

5.-Barcelona Tapas

Being hidden in a tranquil spot in Puerto Vallarta, Barcelona Tapas offers a peaceful dinner and a warm atmosphere to its customers. Impeccable services and great staff make the difference between this and other similar restaurants. If you have the opportunity to reach this place do not forget about giving a try to

the large number of types of cheese which are said to come from some local farmers.

6.-Barrio Bistro.

When you know your food is not infested with chemical substances then you start to be more energetic and trust the restaurant you’re eating in. That is what actually happens with Barrio Bistro. As the chef daily announces that the food comes from sure sources there is nothing you should be afraid of. The atmosphere is great and you can serve your dinner in the middle of a beautiful garden.

7.-El Arrayán

This restaurant provides its clients with authentic recipes that will just test your senses. Special meals for couples and a large amount of sophisticated food for those who want to try something new every day.

8.-Cafe de Olla

If you are a foreigner and you want to try some Mexican traditional foods, then this place is the best choice for you. Situated in the Romantic Zone of the town, you will feel exactly like home while eating your dinner with your partner.

9.-Cuale Paradise

Tourists just name these restaurants as being the most romantic one in the entire town. The gentle lights will introduce you in a peaceful atmosphere and will help you get rid of all the problems. This one is a family-owned business so do not be surprised if a young boy will take your order while you are discussing to its father, the owner.

Puerto Vallarta is known for its luxurious restaurants, so there are multiple places you can choose from in order to spend some time with your partner. You can choose from both expensive and cheap restaurants in order to find the one that appeal to your needs and material possibilities.

8 Date Ideas Under $50 usd in Puerto Vallarta

As we all know, going on a date with someone we are really in love with represents an important moment in our love life. However, when the wallet is not so full enough in order to sustain an expensive meal at one of the most luxurious restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, there are always secondary options that still offer an unforgettable ambiance at an affordable price.

For the real lovers who want to share their love in a place surrounded by peaceful sounds and great people, without having to pay a fortune, check out these 8 places which are considered to be the best alternatives for some inexpensive dining options.

1.- Get a bottle of wine and visit Mismaloya beach.

You have probably heard that this beach is what really puts Puerto Vallarta on the top of the most beautiful tourist’s destinations all over the world.

The best part about it is that the beach is situated in a tranquil spot, so you can both have a romantic moment and celebrate the love’s power while listening the sea’s waves.


You can also order some fresh fist from the beachfront restaurants which have a large variety of offers for all the people. The prices are reasonable so you would not spend more than $50 USD on a dinner there.


2.- Join the Snorkel Cruise from Puerto Vallarta

If you want to try something besides all of the classical dates at restaurants and dinners in town, then joining a snorkeling cruise will surely represent one of the most original date ideas. If you both love the adventure and also want to do something that you will both enjoy, then try giving snorkeling a chance. As it is not dangerous at all and you will be provided with some trained trainers, there is nothing you should be worried about.

The cruise starts in Puerto Vallarta and you will have the opportunity to explore Marietas Islands and the Bay of Banderas at reasonable prices.

3.- Visit Haciendas Tequileras.

The perfect end of a busy day as a tourist in Puerto Vallarta is having a moment of peace with
your partner while trying some traditional tasteful drinks during the visit at the historic Hacienda
Herradura, where you will have the opportunity to learn more about Mexican’s people traditions in
preparing drinks such as tequila.

By walking through the big building, you will be able to taste different types of drinks and
cocktails which are meant to show you different ways of preparing alcohol.

The tour is really cheap and you will also have some snacks included.

4.-Wander Through The Tropical Gardens.

Nothing is more romantic than walking together, holding hands and being surrounded by amazing plants that  you have probably have never seen before.

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens are filled with native flowers that are meant to attract beautiful birds and butterflies that will surely let you speechless.

Moreover, there is a restaurant at the top of the garden where you can have a peaceful lunch while admiring the nature’s creations.

5.-Enjoy one of the finest massages in the entire world

Massage is known for its properties and for the benefits that it has on our body. You can both profit from a massage made by a specialist that will help you get rid of all those kinks. As there are multiple spa’s in Puerto Vallarta, so you can choose the best option that is suitable for you both and decide how much you can spend on a massage. The prices start from $10 so you do not have to spend a fortune on it.


6.- Take your partner and watch the sunset together

Whenever you have some free time and find yourself near the beach, take your partner and watch together the way that the sun disappears in the Pacific Ocean, coloring the sky in brilliant nuances. You do not have to spend any money in watching the sky but I assure you this will be an amazing experience.


7.- Taste some great tacos in the middle of the night

Although it might sound weird, one of the perfect dates is taking some food and walking around the town or the beach after midnight. As the people who sell spit-grilled tacos do not close even after midnight, the perfect opportunity of getting rid of the hunger is to get a juicy taco full of tasteful ingredients and enjoy it with your partner.


8.- Rent a private boat for a couple of hours.

Imagine being with the person you love in the middle of the ocean, admiring the incredible sights and spending some quality time together. You can both see the aquatic animals while eating the lunch on the top of the boat.

Although this experience might some really expensive and luxurious, it’s not. As there are hundreds of experienced drivers who would be glad to take you to the heart of the ocean and drive you back, the prices are not huge. You can hire a boat from $25 and have it for a couple of hours.

There are hundreds of activities you can take part in as a couple and spend some time with the person you are in love with. You do not have to pay for expensive stuff while you can have so many activities at reasonable prices.




5 Things You Can Do in Puerto Vallarta That Will Make Your Trip Special

Puerto Vallarta is one of the favorite destinations of travelers, because its magic in its beaches, sunsets and nightlife. This time we prepared a list of 5 things you can do in Puerto Vallarta that will make your trip special

1.-Living the good life with a room with panoramic view in Puerto Vallarta

Here in My Puerto Vallarta Rentals you will find a large number of condos and villas of different categories, from the simplest but cozy, regardless of the category of apartment you have chosen for your stay in Puerto Vallarta make sure your room has a sea view, so at night the sound of the sea will relax you until you fall asleep and you will wake up in an excellent mood with a view towards paradise.


2.-Enjoying the local food

This Mexican destination has quickly positioned itself as one of the favorites for food-loving travelers and expert foodies. Among the events that you cannot miss are the “Restaurant Week in which each year for a week just over 40 restaurants across the city come together to offer a complete menu at low cost, allowing visitors and locals to enjoy elaborate dishes with local ingredients, but with the flavor of different cuisines. But not everything is to eat in restaurants, throughout the city you will find stalls offering different appetizers, you can also visit the city market to eat a delicious seafood cocktail or visit the Ceviches and Aguachiles Tianguis in the Cuates and Cuetes restaurant. Tuesdays.


3.-Living the adrenaline

Yes, lovers of adrenaline will find their “nirvana” in Puerto Vallarta, no matter how contradictory it may sound, because two attractions that were unmissable came to this destination: Tsunami Jet Boat and Dinner in the Sky.

Boarding the Tsunami Jet Boat, an aerodynamic boat that reaches between 90 and 100 kilometers per hour, will take you to an adventure of another level on the waves since it can be said that it is a kind of roller coaster of the sea that makes turns in plane of up to 360 °, braking in short stretches, jumps and hilarious dives for 60 minutes. This adventure can be enjoyed by passengers from 6 years of age accompanied by an adult, as well as adults who feel like children.


4.-Relaxing at Islas Marietas

This is a real paradise for snorkeling and scuba diving experiences and to really enjoy some relaxing times. To get there, you must take an official tour (contact the Tourism Office of Puerto Vallarta in advance to meet them) from Punta Mita, a few kilometers from Puerto Vallarta. In the course of approximately one hour opens your eyes very well as you can see dolphins and if you are lucky humpback whales from time to time.


5.-Enjoying the magical sunsets

The scenario proposed by the last rays of sun in Puerto Vallarta is magical. On the horizon orange, red, pink, blue and violet tones take over the sky.

A good place to enjoy incredible natural spectacle is the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta right in the center of the city adorned with beautiful sculptures ranging from a seahorse, a couple enjoying the boardwalk and a stairway to heaven. When the last ray of sunlight is hidden you will be in the middle of a vibrant nightlife, since there are some of the best bars and restaurants in the city.



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