Should You Stage Your Puerto Vallarta Home For Sale?

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the province of Jalisco. It is renowned for its resorts, water activities and the nightlife. Its cobblestone center is dedicated to the ornate church of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, several eateries, as well as boutiques.

Considering the remarkable area of Puerto Vallarta, the real estate market is in a position of a boom. Moreover, with the new strategies of the real estate dealers, the houses are being staged to get a better deal.

Staged homes and furnished homes are very distinct from each other, even though they sound very similar; in reality, they are not. To determine if a house is furnished or staged, there are two factors that you must consider:

  1. How old the furniture is and what is a condition
  2. How appealing is the furniture to the potential buyers

Importance of Staging

Sometimes a furnished home can detract the buyer from its worth based on the type and nature of the interior. For instance, if the furniture is in bad condition or ripped up, potential clients will find it unpleasant, and they will think that you haven’t maintained the house well. Hence the chances are that they will not buy the house. Alternatively, if the decor is stunning and in excellent condition, it will be hard for prospective buyers to see anything other than the furniture. The buyers will end up focusing on your furniture and will ignore the actual house.

Real estate agents often encounter questions regarding Puerto Vallarta homes for sale. Recent research shows that staged Puerto Vallarta homes for sale could sell up to 82 percent quicker than those that are not staged. There are some variations between the Puerto Vallarta property market and the Canadian and American markets. Staging your house for sale indeed increases the chances of a quick contract at a high value.

If you want to sell your house in Puerto Vallarta, you should keep the furniture that looks great and is in good condition. This will increase the worth of your home and reduce the time that you would spend looking for a buyer. Our 20 years of experience in the market has told us that a property dealer will give you honest views about your furniture for the house to sell quickly.

Nota final:

If you want to set up your Puerto Vallarta homes for sale, you should make sure that you set up your house very nicely so it attracts potential buyers more than it would have otherwise.