To the north of Banderas Bay, there is a micro-destination that stands out for its bohemian atmosphere: San Pancho, Nayarit, a picturesque village whose charm lies in its streets, friendly people, watersports, sense of belonging, pet-friendly environment and diverse cultural activities, which make it unique and striking to visit.

In San Pancho, it is most common to visit Av. Tercer Mundo and/or its surroundings, where most of the activity takes place. In this small town it is easy to appreciate the community’s sense of belonging, as well as its culture and activism, through the festivals and exhibitions held continually. You will also discover environmental conservation groups dedicated to birds, sea turtles, jaguars and other species, which offer both visitors and residents the opportunity to get involved in volunteer activities.

San Pancho’s beach is so wide and peaceful that it is available for you to enjoy practically in its entirety. Although it is more suitable for watersports than for swimming, it has several restaurants with public facilities.

San Pancho’s culinary offering matches the ambiance of this Riviera Nayarit micro-destination. Here, there are many basic restaurants, plus several others that offer sophisticated or organic menus.

San Pancho offers an interesting selection of shops that sell handicrafts from all over Mexico. And local artists have opened galleries where jewelry designers exhibit their creations and painters sell their original pieces. On the other hand, some Huichols have established themselves on the malecón, offering their delicate and meticulous works of art.

Although San Pancho’s nightlife is quiet, there is never a shortage of activities in this micro-destination. Before night falls, you can take a walk along its beaches and then enjoy a good dinner in some restaurant. And listening to live music performed by local bands in a bar or viewing a photo exhibit is a must in this small town.