Puerto Vallarta International Airport is getting ready for the construction of terminal 2

According to José Amador Lizardi, director of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, a new investment in the airport will take place. These works will include a runway, platform, taxiways, roads, parking lots, tower, among other facilities to optimize operations.

The director of the airport terminal said that the investments modernize the airport and provide greater comfort to passengers.

“Something in which we focus our investments is in the comfort of the passengers, as well as in their travel experience; that is why we remodeled the Passenger Inspection Point and the Sanitary Modules. The investment that will change the airport will be the construction of Terminal 2, since the surface area and passenger screening lines will have to be doubled and there will be 50 percent more telescopic aisles and checked baggage screening systems. All this gives more space to passengers and makes them enjoy their trip more,” he added.

This year, of the total number of passengers served at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, 30 percent are national and 70 percent international. From January to October there were 3.1 million passengers, which means a recovery of 76 percent compared to the 4 million passengers in 2019, prior to the pandemic.

The airport has connections to 40 destinations, 11 nationals and 29 international. The destinations with the highest passenger traffic are Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Tijuana, Denver, Monterrey, Panama and Calgary.