More On The Top 5 Activities You Can Do in Puerto Vallarta

There are over 100 unique activites you can do in Puerto Vallarta, so narrowing it down to 5 was rather difficult. But when you’re on a vacation to Mexico with a limited time to experience its very best, you need a short list of the best of the best. Check out our list below –

Top 5 best activities you can do in Puerto Vallarta:

  1. Watch the whales.

If you have never seen a Humpback whale, then you need to visit PV and see them up close. The whales are regulars in the Bay of Banderas, and they are around from December all the way to March.

  1. Visit uninhabited Islands

Have you heard of the Marietta’s Islands? These are a group of uninhabited islands under the protection of the Mexican government. Experience unmatched beauty while enjoying the warm waters surrounding the islands. While there, you can engage in fun activities like snorkeling, scuba diving or you can even decide to visit the hidden beach.

  1. Visit the Malecon area

Experience the local culture first hand by visiting the Malecon area. The Malecon area is the ideal location of a stroll along the famous seaside promenande. There you get to admire sculptures. Do not pass on the chance to experience Mexican culture on display around the area. Performers are dancing n the main square, vendors and the sea offers you a taste of its might with the waves lapping the shore nearby.

  1. Visit the Los Arcos National Marine Park

For marine life enthusiasts, this is for you. Visit the Los Arcos National Marine Park for a fun-filled day. You can engage in different fun activities like snorkeling, swimming, and enjoying time on the water. For those interested, there is also Zip lining and horseback riding offered. You can also decide just to lay back and spend the day on a beach.

  1. Visit the Marina Vallarta.

After a long fun day, you will want to let off some steam. There is no better way to do this than by visiting the Marina Vallarta. While there, you get to see several beautiful boats parked in there and enjoy the sunset the Puerto Vallarta style; with a view of the ocean.

Do not visit Puerto Vallarta and come out having no story to tell. Instead, look for exciting and unique activities to the area that you engage in and remember for the rest of your life.