Los Cabos, Vallarta and Mazatlán receive more tourists than before the COVID-19

The airports of these three destinations achieved their best June in history; Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta serve mostly international travelers, while Mazatlán nationals

Recognized for being one of the main beach centers in the country, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán already receive more tourists than before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The director of the Anáhuac Tourism Research and Competitiveness Center (Cicotur), Francisco Madrid, described the structural strength of tourism in these destinations as extraordinary.

The Cabo San Lucas airport received a total of 557 thousand passengers last month, being its best June in history, show data from Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP).

This figure is equivalent to more than nine times the volume registered in June of last year, when only 59 thousand tourists arrived and important restrictions were maintained by Covid-19.

The recent data also exceeds the 485 thousand travelers who arrived in June 2019, before the pandemic, and the 449 thousand who entered in the same month of 2018.

For its part, the Puerto Vallarta airport served a total of almost 381,000 passengers last month, 11 times more than a year earlier, according to the recent GAP report.

In addition, it is the first time that Vallarta reports a monthly flow of arrivals higher than it had before the pandemic, since in June 2019 370 thousand tourists entered, while in the same month of 2018 340 thousand arrived.

The majority of tourists who arrive by plane to Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta come from the United States, where the authorities continue to request a negative test of contagion of Covid-19 to all passengers who intend to travel to that country.

For its part, Canada declared that, as of July 5, international flights were reopened for people who are vaccinated and who meet certain conditions issued by the government of that nation.

Considered the Pearl of the Pacific, Mazatlán is another destination that also already receives more tourists than before the pandemic, but, unlike Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, this destination serves mostly national visitors.

The Mazatlán airport received a total of 91 thousand passengers last month and it is also its best June in history, according to information from Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte (OMA).

This figure is equivalent to more than five times the arrivals of a year ago, and exceeds the 89 thousand registered in June 2019, before the pandemic, and the 76 thousand of the same month of 2018.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) pointed out that by 2025 it expects the number of passengers transported in Mexico to be 10% higher than that registered in 2019, mentioning that it foresees a rapid recovery in passenger traffic levels. , since it is the only country in the world that never closed its borders.