Internet, Mobile & TV

There are a variety of choices for internet, home phone, cell phones and television.


Our internet provider is Telmex and is the main internet provider in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta. Telmex works well for all the high volume of communications we have with expats. Fiber optic is being installed constantly in Vallarta. We have lost the Internet twice for short periods, as Telmex was installing fiber optic equipment in nearby areas. There are also other minor providers in certain areas.

Home Phone & MagicJack

Our residential phone is part of our Telmex Internet service and normally works to call from anywhere in or outside of Mexico. We have two-line residential phones to also keep a Minneapolis phone number for family and friends. We also have a US number with a MagicJack for our home and cell phones, allowing us to locally call to the US.

Cell Phones

Telcel is the main provider of cell phones in Vallarta, which we had for years until AT&T arrived in Puerto Vallarta two years ago. After we started hearing good reports, we switched to AT&T and we could not be happier with it. We constantly had to pay to put more minutes in our Telcel service every 3-4 weeks and the service was regular. Our service with AT&T costs us 2,443 pesos (approximately $132 US dollars) per year for each of our phones. We can call and receive service to and from Mexico, the United States and Canada. The service has been impeccable.


The main TV provider in Vallarta is a traditional cable company called Izzy. It is a Mexican company and most of the channels and programs are in Spanish, but they also have a variety of channels in English. The other service is DirectTV Mexico, which also has most of its programs in Spanish, but also has many channels in English. In addition, there are other Internet and satellite options available mainly for English channels.