How to Plan a Road-Trip in Puerto Vallarta

When most think of traveling to Mexico, rarely does a road trip seem feasable because, as rumor has it, the entire Country is dangerous for tourists. Right?




Couldn’t be farther from the truth. Unlike it’s reputation, Mexico, and especially Puerto Vallarta, is one of the safest places you could be. AARP ranked Puerto Vallarta the #1 destination for retirees in 2017, while an average of almost 4 million travelers come to PV each year, majority of them being American and Canadian travelers.


So now that we’ve crushed that rumor, check out this quick guide on how to plan a road-trip in Puerto Vallarta:


Choose your destination

Knowing where you wish to visit beforehand is very important. Figuring out the places you wish to visit before embarking on a road trip will help you do proper planning. You decide on things like which means of transportion is suitable for visiting those places and what to carry.


However, most of the time you visit a place with a clear plan of where you want to visit, and you end up visiting more sites. Do not be too rigid, go with the mentality that plans might change so that you can enjoy the trip. Find out about the place and make sure you know how to get there so you can make a decision on the mode of transport suitable for you.

Do you know how to get there?

Are you sure you know how to get to the places you have decided to visit? This is very important there’s no need for you to plan a road trip and then get lost, it is pointless. You can buy a map for better navigation or hire the services of a guide. It’s also smart to use Google Maps to plan the route to your destination, then screen shot the directions incase you lose your data connection along the way.

Estimate the cost

Now that you have decided on a place to visit and also know how to get there, the next logical question to ask yourself is, how much do I need? Make costs based on the number of days you want the road-trip to last. This goes a long way in ensuring the road trip is successful. Calculate cost for accommodation, food, gas and all other things necessary for the trip. Be sure to bring enough pesos to cover all of your meals, tips, souvenirs and gas as few places in Mexico take credit cards.

Fly Solo vs. Tour Companies

Do not make the mistake of putting yourself at the mercy of vulture tour companies that may try and exploit you. Rent a car as soon as you touch down in Puerto Vallarta or make plans before your trip. Without a car, your options for activities will be limited, but there are bus routes that go pretty far north and south of the town.


Make plans for that road-trip that you have been dreaming of now so you can experience Puerto Vallarta’s beauty on the road.