Experience Life Outdoors in Puerto Vallarta: How to Pack Lightly for your Hiking Adventures

If we are going to make us suggest what to bring to a store specialized in trekking, we may find that we desperately need some objects that we did not even suspect!

In this tutorial we try to really reduce what we need to the bone and this for a very precise mathematical law: the pleasure of a trek is reduced proportionally to the increase of the weight of the backpack! We’re also looking to save a little money: the things we invest in, we said, are the backpack, the napkin and the shoes, there’s no good reason to waste money on the rest of the equipment. If you want to experience life outdoors in Puerto Vallarta we have the right tips for you on how to pack lightly but effectively for your Hiking Adventures. With no further ado let’s move on to practice.


It will be due to fashion but around you see people who buy expensive and super-technical clothing … And then do not do anything.

A bit ‘for spite, a bit’ to dispel the myth, a little ‘because there is very little to say we decided to relegate this aspect among those of little importance.

That you have to get organized to dress up in layers, that is adding or removing layers and not replacing one dress with another, we think you all know …

With super-technical trousers you are better off than with jeans, We think you imagine it, but We can assure you that you make excellent trekking even in jeans.

That said here is some other advice that we can give you:

We walk on the feet and if the blisters come it is unpleasant: as mentioned above, save weight on the number of shirts, but not on the spare socks, bring enough!

You do not need ultra-technical expensive clothes!

In case of rain that gets wet the pants is extremely probable: bring a pair of those very light as ridiculous trousers that are used for sports, will be convenient as a replacement of wet pants in the tent and as an layer for the legs, if it’s cold.

It’s cold? Gloves and hat! The jacket must be large enough to be on top of all the layers. We suggest you avoid those padded: sometimes it’s raining but it’s hot!

If your trekking is in the mountains, always wear a hat and gloves, even in the summer it can get cold in the evening and the cold on your ears and fingers is hateful.

Other equipment.

  •     Knife.
  •     Lighter.
  •     Maps of the route.
  •     Tissues
  •     Sunglasses.
  •     Anti-mosquitoes
  •     Sunscreen.
  •     Watertight bag (only if it rains a lot or crossings of rivers are expected).
  •     Lanyard (in the end it’s always necessary).
  •     Torch.
  •     Elastics for hair (if you have them as long as me).
  •     Backpack-cover for rain (most of the backpacks already have it).

These are the best tips to experience life outdoors in Puerto Vallarta. The most important thing you should keep in mind is to keep things light, practical and, most of all, comfortable to really enjoy your explorations!