Living in or visiting Vallarta/Nayarit means enjoying life, and what better way to celebrate good times than with delicious signature cocktails, good music and excellent company! That said, the night scene in our destination is so varied that it has options to satisfy practically all tastes.

Along the avenue that runs through the Hotel Zone, you will find some of the most popular nightclubs among young people, who dance and socialize in elegant settings that encourage you to leave your sandals and Bermuda shorts behind.

To Start and Extend the Party
Both the Malecón and its surrounding streets are a mosaic of possibilities. Here you can go from dancing salsa in a totally Cuban atmosphere, to listening to live rock bands in colorful establishments, as well as rocking to the rhythm of the best beats on bar turntables, motivating you to extend the party until dawn.

LGBT+ Entertainment
The Romantic Zone is the prime nightlife area for LGBT+ residents and visitors. Here, the options range from intimate bars with live music, to crowded clubs that stand out for their fun atmosphere, as well as nightclubs with a variety of performances.

With its attractions, vibrant atmosphere and countless options to enjoy the night, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are a spectacular hotspot to experience high-quality entertainment.