Without a doubt, the heart and soul of Puerto Vallarta is El Centro, where some of the city’s main cultural attractions are located. The Malecón is a space where a great mix of cultures, both national and international, comes together. This walk fascinates with its pavement mosaic representing the local myth of man’s creation, as well as its spectacular collection of bronze sculptures created by renowned artists and the Anfiteatro Aquiles Serdán, popularly known as Los Arcos, where a wide variety of outdoor events are held.

Right across from this site is the Plaza de Armas, a meeting place that takes on a traditional festival atmosphere during the day and at night becomes a lively social scene. Every Sunday evening, the municipal band offers a concert for passersby, many of whom gather to dance with their partners to the rhythms of danzón and salsa.

Dominating this setting is the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, one of Puerto Vallarta’s most important religious and cultural attractions. Its construction began in 1903, so it freely combines different architectural styles: The main building is considered neoclassical, while the towers have a touch of Renaissance, and the crown, which is a symbol of our destination and was created by painter and sculptor Carlos Terres, has a baroque style.

Because of all this and much more, a stay in our destination cannot be complete without a visit to El Centro and all the attractions united in this vibrant place.