Enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s Artwalk Every Wednesday Night In Downtown

PV is a place you visit where your art desires will be fulfilled. And what better way than to be part of Puerto Vallarta’s Artwalk every Wednesday night in Downtown.

Discover exciting and mindblowing pieces of art and jewelry from several artists and designers from Mexico and also some from different parts of the world. As Albert Einstein put it, “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

Here is a guide to the different art galleries found in Downtown Vallarta

Colectika Ancestral Contemporary Art Gallery

This is where you go if you want to relieve ancient Mexico through art. Artists from Mexico renowned from all over the world carefully and skillfully created pieces that take you back in time while still being in tune with the modern world.

Only One Jewelry

This art gallery which was started three years ago is one of Puerto Vallarta’s preferred stop for jewelry enthusiasts. The gallery displays hand made, quality and authentic jewelry pieces that have been curved from high-quality stones.

Corsica Art Gallery

If you wish to view pieces collected from around the world, then this is where you should be on Wednesday while in Puerto Vallarta. The artwork displayed has been carefully selected by Jean Pierre Renucci, a renowned international collector and curator.

MannMade Mexico

Need to find art pieces and artifacts for your home or office in an artistic and modern way? Then you have to visit the ManMade Mexico modern design gallery. The gallery features perfectly designed pieces perfect for decorating your spaces.

Galería Pacifico

This is one of the galleries that have been active in Puerto Vallarta for the longest time now. Since 1987, the gallery has continuously displayed beautiful contemporary art pieces and sculptures from various artists. The gallery has been a source of inspiration for various artists including Ramiz Barquet.

Galería Caballito de Mar

Are you fun of or a collector of antiques and vintages? Then this is the gallery for you. The gallery features a diverse portfolio of the antique and vintage jewelry, ceramics and also textiles. Appreciate the skills the men and women of ancient Mexico had.

Galería Uno

This award-winning PV gallery showcases artworks from several artists. It has managed to survive the test of time by being around Puerto Vallarta for over 43 years. And throughout this time, the gallery has displayed art from several artists living and working n Mexico.

Galería de Ollas

In 1971 the quest of a 15-year-old boy Juan Quezada, who by then was already 30 years, to recreate ancient pottery making process was complete. Fast forward to 1998 when Galería de Ollas was established to display some of the works of people who were beneficiaries of the knowledge passed down from Juan Quezada. The pottery displayed are hand made, beautiful and unique and are an indication of what ancient Mexico Pottery looked like.

There are several other galleries in Puerto Vallarta including the LOD where you find jewelry and The Loft Galeria which features contemporary and modern art pieces from the world over. Artists are unique, and this is evident from the art pieces they create. It’s true you will never see enough art. So head on to Puerto Vallarta’s Artwalk every Wednesday night in Downtown.