Don’ t panic! If your Mexican visa expired during COVID- 19 emergency!

What if you are a legal foreign resident of Mexico with a Mexican visa which expired between April- June during the COVID-19 and you were not be able to request the renewal or the residency card before its expiration date?

Don’t panic, you may be able to avoid the hassle and penalties related to an expired immigration visa permit.

 Currently, the Government in Mexico has issued decrees suspending the deadlines of immigration law, for procedures requiring compliance dates occurring during these past months.

 In order to file for the extension of your visa or residency card in Mexico without incurring in any penalties, even if it expired between April-June while you in Mexico or because you haven’t been able to travel because flights have been cut back or borders closed, we suggest you contact us so an immigration attorney can help you take advantage of this decree or if you need private legal advice. 

 The immigration office located in Puerto Vallarta and in Nuevo Vallarta will remain open a receiving application from those who can travel to Mexico in order to get their temporary or permanent residency. Some Mexican consulate, such as located in El Paso, TX ,  Boston, MA , etc, started reopening the visas services.

Please note: Each case is different. This is only for information purposes is not legal advice, if you would like us to review your particular case in order to give you legal advice or to assist you with the procedure please contact us.

Tourist visa (FMM) expired during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) while you are in Mexico?  What you can do if you overstay your 180 days allowed by your tourist visa during COVID-19?

The INM has announced that regarding COVID-19, the program called “Regularization by humanitarian reasons” still available for this month of June to those with FMM tourist cards which have expired between April-June can obtain a new FMM tourist card (180 days) without paying a penalty fee.

Please note: In order to get a new FMM tourist card, all of the foreigners interested in it must satisfy some important requirements, however, it’s important to mention that not all foreigners qualify to get a new FMM tourist card.

If you are interested in obtaining a new FMM tourist card (valid for 180 days) under this program, please contact us in order to help you with the procedure.

 Already this month, KL Mexico has assisted several foreigners to obtain a new tourist FMM, and the FMM has been issued in 2 days at the immigration office in Puerto Vallarta.