Best Family Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Fredys Tucan

Considered as being one of the funniest restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, Fredys Tucan is the perfect place where you can get the lunch with your family.

From banana pancakes to supreme omelets, every kind of food is cooked using fresh aliments that come from safe sources.

Although this restaurant is always full, the staff has learned how to manage a large number of clients. As a result, his restaurant is appreciated by its customers because of the waiters’ speed that bring you the food in a really short time.

Inside the restaurant, there is a peaceful atmosphere and there are lots of surprises for kids.

Lukumbe restaurant

Lukumbe restaurant is considered as being a heaven for all the young parents who have small kids that they have to be very careful with. The staff would surely look after your children while you’re serving the food (for a small tip) so you’ll finally have the chance to eat in peace, while your kids are in a safe place.

Besides that, there’s an amazing indoor playground area for the kids to spend some time until the order comes. Here, they benefit from an inflatable bouncy and there is no fee for using it.

The restaurant provides mothers with baby changing facilities and a toy room for older children.

Casa Tradicional Cocina Mexicana

Rated as an excellent restaurant which provides its clients with fresh, authentic flavors and a friendly atmosphere offers hundreds of different meals but the most recommended one are the Mexican traditional meals that are served at really low prices.

There is one thing that makes this restaurant perfect for families who want to take the dinner outside their house: there is always great live music during the night that creates a great atmosphere you will surely fall in love with.

River Café

Situated in the historic center of Puerto Vallarta, this café/restaurant is hidden among the lush tropical foliage. For the kids who come here, there are special meals that include both Mexican and American meals in order to satisfy all their needs.

This place is located in a tranquil spot so you would have the chance to eat your meal in a quiet place away from the town’s noise.

Most of the restaurants from Puerto Vallarta are children-friendly so do not be worried that your kids would be not accepted inside. Just ask the waiter and see if the restaurant has different facilities for kids and wait for a response. You’ll be amazed to see how much the locals love kids.