Covid-19 Protocols For Puerto Vallarta Semana Santa 2021

Covid-19 Protocols For Puerto Vallarta Semana Santa 2021. Secretary General of the Government Health Board Juan Enrique Ibarra Pedroza announced the Covid-19 restrictions for Puerto Vallarta for Semana Santa 2021. 

These restrictions are in effect only from March 29- April 2, 2021. 

  • Puerto Vallarta bars and restaurants must close at 11 pm during the period.  
  • Puerto Vallarta beaches can open from 5 am to 5 pm during the period. 
  • Puerto Vallarta hotels remain open with a maximum capacity of 66%.
  • Religious processions, pilgrimages, living representations, and celebrations that generate crowds are not allowed.

The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, earlier this year promised that there would no longer be any “emergency button” and restrictions will only be announced in advance on 3 dates: Semana Santa, Mother’s Day and election day. This is the second year Semana Santa festivities have been restricted. Last year, when the pandemic practically began, authorities ordered a total quarantine and asked travelers not to leave home for the holiday. 

Know the measures for Easter

The pandemic does not end on holidays, that is why we must maintain and reinforce care to reduce risks and avoid a rebound in infections in the holiday period from March 29 to April 2, 2021.

In order to take care of our health and that of others, the Board of Health established the following measures:

  • Reinforce road filters, in airports and bus stations.
  • Increase tests carried out at strategic points.
  • The municipalities must ensure the restrictions of activities that generate agglomerations, avoiding giving permits for them.
  • No religious celebration that generates crowds will be allowed and visits to the 7 temples are suspended.
  • The beaches will operate from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; the restaurants and bars on beaches, magical towns, and the Chapala riverbank will close at 11:00 pm.
  • Hotel capacity remains at 66%.
  • Civil Protection Officers will be distributed in the main road accesses of Jalisco to discourage the presence of vacationers.
  • The invitation for Jalisco is to go out only when necessary and not stay for more than 40 minutes in the same space.

5 Amazing LGBT Family-Friendly Vacations

Enriching ourselves through travel is one of life’s great privileges. Even better when these moments are shared with the people we care about the most – our husbands and our children. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, travel is limited at this point, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan our next exotic family destination. 

There are so many places queer families can travel to, but what about resorts? What places are specifically geared towards gay, bi or trans dads with kids? Well, look no further. Here are some of the best resorts for an LGBT family-friendly vacation.

  • Disneyland Paris – Paris, France
  • Kauai Beach Resort – Kauai, Hawaii
  • Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort – Mykonos, Greek Islands
  • Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta – Vallarta, Mexico
  • Hotel Negresco – Nice, France

Disneyland Paris – Paris, France

Only 30km outside of Paris’ city center, Disneyland Paris is the European Disney getaway you’ve always dreamed of. The absolute perfect place for families, with rides, shows and countless things to see and do. 

Featuring the main park, replete with rides, restaurants, attractions and the Walt Disney Studios Park, you can explore some movie magic with behind-the-scenes access to Disney, Marvel and Pixar. It’s a resort that couldn’t be more exciting. 

With over seven themed hotels to stay in on-site, from Hotel New York to the Sequoia Lodge, you’ll be spoiled with choices when it comes to planning a fantastic family vacation.

Plus, as you’re only a short car journey away from the center of Paris, you can always take a day away from the bright colors of the Disney park and explore the quaint streets of France’s capital. Take your kids up the Eiffel Tower and experience the best croissants in the world as you explore the city. 

Only recently, Bob Chapek, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company, announced: “We want to represent our audience,” by securing “an increased commitment” to diversity. What with Disney films featuring gay supporting characters and the first openly gay character in a Marvel film coming out soon, it’s a company with a progressive future. 

This means their resorts are also open and progressive places. Now, pack your bags and get ready for a potential rousing chorus of ‘Let it Go’ from your children.

Kauai Beach Resort – Kauai, Hawaii

“An oceanfront escape that’s close to it all, yet worlds away,” reads the Kauai Beach Resort website and we couldn’t agree more. Kauai is the fourth-largest Hawaiian island and is one of the most beautiful. Known as the ‘Garden Isle’, it’s a true tropical paradise. Miles upon miles of golden coastline stretch out before you as green mountains make up the background of everywhere you look.

With beautiful rooms designed with inspiration from the natural environment, you and your family will find a true sense of calm and adventure here. With lagoon-style pools (one complete with a sandy bottom and a water slide – perfect for the kids), fire pits, beach bars, a gym and a full events calendar, you’ll understand the true meaning of ‘mahalo’ in no time. 

The thing that makes Kauai Beach Resort stand out is its dedication to being an inclusive and safe space. “We celebrate individuality and welcome all guests,” they write. You can relax with a cocktail by the pool while your kids make use of the waterslide or take a coloring class. 

They can even learn something by taking part in the Hui Makaʻainana o Makana Community Workdays, learning about farming and the environment on a taro patch on an 800-year old archeological site.

The Kauai Beach Resort may be the tropical paradise you’ve always been looking for. Sharing it with your family will only make it better.

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort – Mykonos, Greek Islands

Mykonos is an island steeped in history. With a size of only 85.5 square kilometers, it’s a small and very traditional Greek island, but has a decidedly open outlook. Known as ‘the island of the wind’, Mykonos is celebrated for its vibrant culture and popularity with LGBT travelers, with many establishments catering for the gay, bi and trans communities. 

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort is no different, being a firm favorite with gay tourists and families. This resort will be one of the most luxurious you’ll have ever stayed at, with rooms inspired by Aegean ambiance and views of the Mediterranean sea.

While for many queer men, Mykonos might be more associated with circuit parties than a family friendly getaway, however, Mykonos itself has a labyrinth of things to do with the kids. Beaches such as Platys Gialos, Psarou and Agios Stefanos are perfect for a family day by the sea. 

You could also explore Alefkandra, also known as ‘Little Venice’, an area known for stories of pirates and hidden treasures. Take a stroll past the Mykonos Windmills or through the Chora, the town center, where every street is pedestrian-friendly.

After all that, sample some of the best gyros, ksinotira and meze – authentic Greek cuisine – that you’ll ever experience. While the kids can wash that down with juice or soda, you can have a glass of the local ouzo, an anise-flavor aperitif. Then take a walk across the warm evening sand as the sun sets below the waves. We can’t think of a more beautiful place to vacation as a family. 

Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta – Vallarta, México

Situated right on the beach, with rooms centered on the picturesque ocean view, Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta is a must-visit for families. Its owner, the Hyatt hotel chain, has shown continuous support for the LGBTQ communities and travelers. It’s a Gold Global Partner of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA). 

Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta stands out among the hotel chain’s offerings for many reasons. It sits in the pacific coast city of Puerto Vallarta, a well-known and loved travel destination for the gay community since the 1980s. It’s also been dubbed the ‘San Francisco of Mexico’ for its gay culture and progressive atmosphere. In mid-May every year, the city holds the Vallarta Pride festival. 

The Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta resort itself is a dream. Featuring countless beautiful suites, fine cuisine and the chance to watch dolphins and whales frolic in the warm waters, it’s a relatively hidden gem.

For day activities other than enjoying the pool or the beach, your kids will love the Vallarta Zoo (where you can actually feed baby tigers and monkeys) and the ChocoMuseum, which runs a chocolate workshop specifically for children. Alternatively, for families with older children who might want to learn a thing or two, take an ecotour. From encounters with sea turtles or green macaws to humpback whale watching, these are incredible opportunities for your curious kids to learn something about their planet.

The Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta also runs the ‘KidZ Club’. So if you and your husband want a little time to yourselves by the pool, this is the perfect place to be. 

Hotel Negresco – Nice, France

If you’re looking to experience true luxury in a gay-friendly European city, replete with all the charms of the French Riviera and the gentle sea breeze from the Mediterranean, then check into the Hotel Negresco. 

The hotel itself has been open for over 100 years, carving a niche for itself and becoming a big part of the Nice environment. It’s had many famous guests stay in its luxurious rooms, from Salvador Dali to The Beatles and even Elton John.

“In The Negresco kingdom, children are treated like royalty…” they write on their website, owing to the Hotel Negresco’s dedication for going above and beyond for families. Every room comes with coloring books, a children’s menu and even pedal cars. Hotel Negresco also offers a babysitting service if you two hardworking dads would like a night away from the kids in romantic Nice. 

The hotel also boasts eco-friendly credentials, perfect for those looking to limit the impact of their travel. 

Nice itself is a very popular tourist destination, with many things to do as a family. You can spend a sunny day in Phoenix Parc, a central zoo-style ecological park on the Promenade des Anglais. Perfect for a picnic and nature lovers, as it contains over 150 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. 

There’s also Kids’ City, an indoor play area full of inflatable slides, courts and rides – the right choice for younger children who might be tired of city exploration. Nice also has a fantastic Natural History Museum and some of France’s best beaches.  

For more information on how LGBT-friendly and accommodating the city is, the Nice Tourism Board has created an incredibly useful gay-friendly guide to Nice, which you can peruse to see what Nice has to offer for you and your family. 

Nice also boasts the Marriott AC Hotel and the Hyatt Regency Hotel, run by two of the IGLTA’s Global Partners. So if you’re looking for a gay-friendly resort, you’re spoilt for choice in Nice. 

To discover more gay-friendly resorts and LGBT family-friendly vacations, you can explore the IGLTA website to find information to help plan your family getaway. We’d recommend exploring their partner pages to see what hotel and travel companies around the world have dedicated themselves to inclusivity. 

Have you been on an incredible family vacation, staying at the perfect resort? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us so we can provide more helpful information for other gay, bi and trans dads looking to take their families on the trip of a lifetime. 

Puerto Vallarta and other beaches in Jalisco that you can visit on your next visit

Destinations are considered true paradisiacal treasures. For Jalisco tequila and for beaches too, that is why it is considered one of the most visited tourist destinations by Mexicans and foreigners, they are hidden treasures in the Mexican Pacific.

The state has a large set of beaches with a large number of landscapes, colors, gastronomy, and nightlife, perfect for different tastes, to spend a romantic moment, go on a trip with friends or family.


The counting of this list begins with Puerto Vallarta, the destination par excellence, this place offers great infrastructure in hotels, but it also preserves its bohemian style in its so-called “Romantic Zone” and is also recognized for being an LGBT destination.

There are the marina and a port where yachts and boats from all over the world arrive, and it also has a beautiful boardwalk that is the perfect setting to enjoy the sunset.


It is considered the largest bay in Mexico, a refuge for Marian flora and fauna, bordered to the north by Punta Mita and to the south by Cabo Corrientes. In this destination you can go diving, sailing, fishing, skiing and taking boat rides.


In just one kilometer extension a perfect paradise is concentrated to spend a quiet moment, this beach has intense waves and winds that make it one of the favorite destinations of advanced surfers and lovers of windsurfing. It is a treasure for lovers of adrenaline and nature, you can see crocodiles, turtles, sea and exotic birds. It is located 10 kilometers northwest of Puerto Vallarta on Federal Highway 200.


The unique name is due to a special event, since it was there that the ship SS Golden Gate sank with a cargo of gold, it also has a golden sand that matches the story. It is located next to the maritime terminal and extends to the mouth of the Pitillal River.


It is also known as the “Enchantment of Jalisco”, eleven islands with biological diversity are concentrated, in addition to quiet beaches. It is a semi-virgin place, to know if you have to enter the El Paraíso ranch. If you are in this bay, you cannot be oblivious to Playa Las Rosadas and other places such as Caleta Blanca, Cala de la Virgen, and Montemar.


We all know that spending a few days on the beach is necessary, and even our body asks for it, but in the hustle and bustle of daily life we ​​overlook certain symptoms that tell us that it is time to take a few days and visit a paradise like Puerto Vallarta.

We share 15 of the most frequent symptoms to measure the degree of your beach impetus – known as playitis – with our playometer.

  1. You follow more travel influencer accounts than friends on Instagram.
  2. You spend hours looking at photos from your last trip to the beach.
  3. 90% of your talks focus on your next vacation.
  4. You are in a constant bad mood and you think about the beach, the sea and the breeze.
  5. As you try to concentrate on your work, a palm tree swaying in the wind crosses your mind
  1. For no apparent reason you dedicate yourself to reviewing travel packages to the beach.
  2. You are attracted to promotions and new swimwear designs.
  3. You go to a fast food restaurant and you crave a fresh shrimp cocktail or a shaken fish.
  4. You sleep counting grains of sand instead of sheep.
  5. You dream of coconut … sliced, with lemon and chili.

11. When you get to your bed you do a diving position.
12. You have an excess of exotic plants in your own room.
13. You look in the mirror and you see your ghost-colored skin.
14. You arrive at work and notice that you are wearing sandals instead of shoes.
15. You set your alarm clock earlier thinking of not missing your flight.

Now let’s see your level of ‘playitis’ according to the number of symptoms you accumulated.


1-3 The travel mosquito has been around for a few weeks. Be careful, because if you itch you will quickly move on to the next phase.


4-8 You deserve an award for discipline and self-control. Responsibility for chores at home or at work has kept you out of your vacation plans. If you follow this step, it is likely that in no more than two months you will finally be preparing those bags. Cheer up!


9-12 You have managed to remain patient and not run away, thanks to the fact that you practice meditation, yoga, aromatherapy and feng shui, but if you want to hear some advice: don’t take too long to plan that trip that you have been waiting for so long.


13-15 Your beach momentum is on the verge of collapse. Check right now the flights with offers that have been tirelessly sending you to your email and book now! And by the way, take a look at the PR rentals.


February 02, 2021 by my.puertovallartarentals

We do not know for sure when it will be a good time to travel again, but surely there are more than one of us who would like it to be as soon as possible.

The questions at this point are: what will travel be like in 2021 and where will we go?

According to the ” Annual Travel Trends Report for 2021 “, prepared by Expedia , Mexican tourists, if they travel this year, we will preferably do so to national destinations.

Main destinations

And the taste for the main beach destinations will remain in force, to the extent that Cancun will surely be the most sought after destination, although some destinations such as Los Cabos, Huatulco and Chetumal will also have relevance.

In terms of searches, the ranking would be as follows:

1.- Cancun

2.- Riviera Maya / Tulum / Playa del Carmen

3.- Puerto Vallarta / Nuevo Vallarta / Riviera Nayarit

4.- Mazatlan

5.- Los Cabos

6.- Acapulco

7.- Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

8.- Huatulco

9.- Las Vegas

10.- Chetumal / Costa Maya

As for international destinations, Mexicans could be looking to travel to Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Punta Cana and Orange County.

In second place are more distant options such as Paris, Tokyo, French Polynesia, Whistler in Canada and the Maldives.

Travel trends in 2021

On the other hand, the metasearch engine Kayak also released some of the travel trends in 2021 at the regional level.

According to their data, Latin Americans prefer natural environments and outdoor spaces for this year since they facilitate social distancing and enjoy with tranquility.


The second of the travel trends in 2021 will be car rental and road trips that allow making the stops that are required to get to know different environments and cultures. In addition, this form of transport makes it easy to travel safely, only with the chosen travel group.


What is called “staycations” will also be a trend this year, according to the Kayak report, mainly due to budget and time issues. Of course, during the rest days, activities such as going to a restaurant, living a spa day, doing sports outdoors or some other could be chosen, as long as the surrounding conditions allow it.

Another option could be to spend a few days in a hotel where an activity program is also contemplated.


In the case of traveling in 2021, Kayak remembers to check the restrictions and health policies of each destination when traveling.


Finally, a study prepared by Skyscanner highlights that by 2021, flight and hotel reservations are expected to increase with only a month in advance or less.


Although the idea of traveling by plane to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit continues present, there are a few things that should be taken into account when planning a trip during these times.

To safely visit our destination, here is everything you need to know about traveling to beautiful Vallarta · Nayarit.

Is it allowed to travel to Mexico?

The short answer is yes, because Mexico is one of the countries allowing American visitors to plan a vacation. And while U.S. citizens can’t drive into our country for non-essential travel, they can fly. During the summer and fall, airlines such as United Airlines and Southwest added flights to popular destinations, including Puerto Vallarta.

The country’s many resorts have also adjusted to COVID-19, adopting and following the health guidelines recommended by the government and different institutions.

What is the status of COVID-19 in Mexico?

According to Johns Hopkins University, which tracks cases worldwide, Mexico has reported more than 1.6 million confirmed cases of coronavirus.

What COVID-19 rules and regulations do you need to know about before traveling to Mexico?

Mexico has created a color-coded stoplight system to classify states according to their situation. The list, which is based on new cases, hospitalizations, hospital occupancy rates, and percentage of positive cases, is continually updated.

Only essential activities are allowed in states that are considered “red,” which currently includes Mexico City. In those places, hotels are limited to 25 percent occupancy for people who are there for critical activities.

In states that are designated “orange,” hotels and restaurants are allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity. This currently includes Jalisco.

What do you need to do before coming back to the U.S.?

All international travelers returning to the U.S., including those coming from Mexico, must show a negative result from a COVID-19 viral test taken 72 hours before their departure.

Children under two years old are exempt and travelers who have been vaccinated are not exempt from the testing requirement.

COVID-19 Tests

In Vallarta · Nayarit, the tourism industry has established an alliance with the health sector to offer COVID-19 information and testing services. This way, some of the most recognized hotels and private hospitals of the destination are offering a quality, bilingual service with competitive prices.

The Puerto Vallarta International Airport is conducting COVID-19 tests for those traveling to the U.S. and Canada.

Final Consideration

People who decide to travel are strongly encouraged to check local government restrictions, rules, and safety measures and take personal comfort levels and health conditions into consideration before departure.

Puerto Vallarta launches an adults-only beach club

We tell you in which part of Puerto Vallarta it is located and what its services are, so that you can visit it in the future.

With a privileged position, Táu Beach Club, a new beach club in Puerto Vallarta , opened to the public Gourmet dining options, mixology and personalized service, is what it offers for when it is possible to travel again.

The concept of the club is one of luxury for adults only. It is operated by the Velas Resorts chain, which also has hotels in Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Riviera Nayarit, and Riviera Maya.

The atmosphere of Táu is quite relaxed, with simple furniture in neutral tones that invite you to relax. On the beach some lounge chairs and Balinese beds were installed to cover you from the sun; in the restaurant area there are panoramic tables facing the sea. In addition to swimming on the beach, the club has a pool and Jacuzzi. 

There are lunch and dinner menus, which include fish, seafood and some international dishes. You can choose between an aguachile, a ceviche, a garlic octopus casserole or a ravioli stuffed with mozzarella cheese, to name a few examples. Cocktails with whiskey, gin, tequila, cognac, vodka and wine are served, as well as martinis and soft drinks. 

There are showers, lockers and private parking. 

In the near future it will be possible to celebrate special and private events, such as weddings, birthdays or business meetings. 

Táu Beach Club is located in La Marina de Puerto Vallarta, 10 minutes by car from the airport, 20 minutes from downtown and 25 minutes from the Romantic Zone. 

It is open from Monday to Sunday, between 11 in the morning and 10 at night. To visit it, you need to make a prior reservation on its official website or by phone: 322 226 9534 and 322 226 9518.

boardwalk Puerto Vallarta´s

7 wellness experiences that you will only live in Puerto Vallarta

January 11, 2021 by mypuertovallartarentals

Traveling to the beach does not mean leaving wellness life aside, if you follow a diet, exercise and healthy life plan, there are many options to continue with your lifestyle during your vacations or on a getaway.

In addition to being an LGBT destination, of adventure and multicultural tourism, Puerto Vallarta surprised us by having wellness experiences for all travelers who seek to take care of themselves, here we present some options for tours, meals, spas and healthy or ecological experiences that you must live.

Visit the Botanical Garden of Puerto Vallarta

The naturalist Robert Price acquired a house in the middle of the jungle of Puerto Vallarta, very close to Boca de Tomatlán, thus the Botanical Garden project was born, one of the largest and most important in Latin America.

Some of the objectives of this place are the study, conservation and exhibition of native plants of Mexico for the enjoyment of residents and visitors of the region. In this place you will be able to observe many Mexican orchids that were grown in their in vitro propagation laboratory and other plants such as vanilla, agaves, succulents, cacti and even carnivorous plants.

Inside the garden you will find trails where you can take walks to admire the local flora and fauna, as well as birds that are difficult to observe in any other environment, from macaws, chachalacas, hummingbirds and other small, brightly colored species that are rare.

You can also take a guided tour by one of the local experts, who will tell you the story and tell you about the plants and each of the spaces in this beautiful garden where you will want to take many pictures in every corner.

If you are more adventurous you can go down and visit the river that runs near the garden or do other activities in the place.

At the end of the tour, we recommend you visit the garden restaurant, a space where you can try the delicacies of Mexican beach food, traditional and signature cocktails with local ingredients and admire the view of the jungle that surrounds the region.

Ignacio L. Vallarta 399,

Local A, Colonia Emiliano Zapata, C.P. 48380,

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Vegetarian Italian food

If you are looking to detoxify from meat and try healthy options, Veggitalia is the place to go for a vegetarian cooking experience.

This small business is located one block from the boardwalk, the chef is an Italian who fell in love with Puerto Vallarta and decided to offer creative dishes as an option for people who do not eat meat.

Here you can enjoy various Italian entrees, freshly made pasta combined with very original vegetables, cheeses and sauces; also salads that combine different textures and cooked, raw or roasted vegetables with smoky touches.

We recommend you try the pizzas that are a delight, there is from the traditional Margarita to a pizza with different types of mushrooms, cheeses and truffles.

Corona 172, Proyecto escola,

Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

A healing naturist experience

Sometimes it takes something more than a retreat to heal and in Vallarta we find a wellness clinic that asks nothing of the naturist centers in Europe, it is El Grullo Naturista Boutique Hotel Wellness Center Spa.

To get to this place it is necessary to go to the Boca de Tomatlán pier, about 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta. From there you will take a “panga” (that’s what they call the boats that work like water taxis to get to the other side of the bay).

During a journey of approximately half an hour by boat, you will be able to observe a little-known and little-explored side of the coast, where there are small ecological boutique hotels and restaurants that can only be reached by sea. Although there are at least three piers on that side of the coast, most boats drop you off at the foot of the beach if the sea is calm, if the waves are strong you should get off at the Quimixto pier and walk to El volador beach.

Dr. Luis Montiel will receive you in this oasis of rest and detoxification, because in addition to that you will be evaluated on your health and needs; your diet and natural treatments will be monitored at all times by the doctor.

This place is for those who are truly determined to take a retreat with a complete body detoxification, since the first days you will only eat fruit, in addition to entering a healing routine and naturopathic medicinal treatments with herbs and plants.

A day’s detox routine at Grullo may seem complicated, but your body will appreciate taking a break. At 6.30 in the morning it is time to get up to receive a rubbing treatment with nettle and cold water to activate the skin. At 7 in the morning, patients enter an individual steam bath, Luis Montiel calls it a “blood bath” because it activates circulation and helps clean the blood. This therapy is carried out in metal cabins where the body receives the vapors and the head is left out of the treatment. After a few minutes in the hot steam, you should go out and take a cold bath from head to toe, the process is repeated several times in a period of 15 to 20 minutes.

Between 7.30 and 8 in the morning other personalized treatments are applied according to the conditions or objectives you have. At 8 in the morning it is time to exercise, it can be on the grass, on the beach, if you have a routine or do yoga it is the ideal place to practice it. You can also go for a walk on the trails around the hotel. Breakfast will be served at 9:30 and at 10:30 you will have a conference on different health and naturism topics. At 12 noon, guests receive a sitz bath, which is part of the hydrotherapy, and at 12:30 a session with hot or cold compresses personalized according to your needs.

The routine of treatments is repeated a few times in the afternoon, in addition to poultices of warm blankets with onions roasted in the belly to reduce inflammation of the stomach and internal organs, facial or body mud masks, juice therapy, teas and infusions that are taken at the same time. throughout the day, finally the time to sleep is at 9 o’clock at night to guarantee adequate rest of the body and its recovery, as well as the operation of all the treatments. This routine is recommended to repeat it for 3 to 7 days to achieve a good detoxification, as the days go by, the diet changes, from fruits to vegetables and delicious combinations that will surprise you.

The sound of the sea, the digital disconnection, feeling the sand on your feet and lying on a sunbed to soak up the vitamin D will also help strengthen your immune system. According to Dr. Luis Montiel, many people with illnesses have improved or been cured after staying for a season at this clinic under his supervision and natural treatments, he also told us that those who come here with the goal of losing weight and resetting your metabolism or changing your eating habits achieve your goal of learning to eat better and give a metabolic change to your body.

If you only want to know a taste of the place without submitting to the detox routines, you can also stay at the hotel and enjoy some of the amenities or healthy food at Grullo, since the doctor is also a chef and prepares different types of vegan and vegetarian cuisine that won’t let you miss meat.

Pez Volador #4 Camino antiguo a la animas

Quimixto, Jalisco 48399

A luxury hotel with Wellness experiences

If you are looking for a healthy getaway without leaving the center of Puerto Vallarta and with the comforts of an “All Inclusive” hotel, the option is Westin Resort and Spa Puerto Vallarta.

It is a family complex located on a private beach with beautiful views of the sea, which offers different activities and wellness programs for tourists looking to take care of themselves.

Around their pools there are long paths to go for a walk in the morning and do your exercise routine, if you are looking to pamper yourself they also have a special massage service next to the beach, but one of the most interesting things is their program of activities such as the yoga and fitness classes offered to guests during their stay.

Regarding food, they have several restaurants with healthy options that you can choose from and for breakfast you can try the smoothies and the Fresh by The Juicery detox plan.

In the surroundings of this hotel there are several points of interest, you can go for a walk in the Marina Vallarta area and also visit its shops and art galleries, or if you are looking for a more ecological plan you can also admire the plants and animals of the area, participate in the sea turtle release program and practice various water activities in the sea or pools.

Av. Paseo de la Marina Sur #205,

Marina Vallarta, 48354 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

Live a luxury spa day

Very close to the Marina and the Westin hotel is the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa hotel, inside you will find Ohtli Spa where you can take various body and face treatments with natural masks, exfoliating, relaxing, oriental and even deep tissue massages.

While you wait for your treatment you can enjoy the humid areas, they have steam, sauna, Swedish shower and three hydromassage tubs at different temperatures, one very hot, another with warm water and one with cold water so that your legs can relax.

Paseo La Marina Norte 435,

Marina Vallarta, 48354 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

Amazing vegan food

For those of us who are not vegans or vegetarians, there is the false belief that “without meat is not the same” or that it is difficult to deceive the palate, there are also many taboos about vegan food because many believe that only eating vegetables is not so “rich “Like a cut of meat, if any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, when you know the Playa Detox restaurant we guarantee that you will have a surprising, interesting and fun experience.

All the recipes in this place were developed by experts in “Nutritional Biology” in order to achieve an “Alkaline Diet”. On the menu you will find the typical breakfasts such as hot cakes, chilaquiles, sandwiches or enchiladas, all prepared with 100% plant-based ingredients.

For starters we recommend you try the guacamole, the hummus and the ceviche or vegan tinga tostadas. The vegan barbecue broth and tomato soup are delicious too.

What surprised us the most were the tacos, they have pastor’s (made with portobello), mushroom tinga and vegan barbecue (purple cabbage). In addition, there are juices, fresh waters, shots and healthy smoothies. Do not miss the frozen desserts, they are cheesecakes with flavors such as strawberry, chocolate or blueberry (if they had not told us it was vegan we would not have realized it).

Calle Prisciliano Sánchez 519, Las Moras,

Aramara, 48315 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

Meditation in motion

Meditating is part of a healthy mind and body in balance, in Puerto Vallarta there is a center called Terra Noble Art & Healing Center where you can take classes in a very peculiar type of meditation, as it mixes dance and some yoga postures, music and movement.

In this place you will also have beautiful views of the beach and the jungle at the same time. In the facilities there is a temazcal (ancestral Mexican steam bath), it is a structure that resembles an igloo and seeks to simulate the womb of mother earth. Inside, there is a hole in the center where hot stones are placed that are soaked with a tea of ​​medicinal herbs, which in contact with the stones emit a natural steam that will make you sweat and heal various ailments.

Upon entering there is a purification ceremony and inside the temazcal they make songs and music with rustic instruments while evoking the ancestors worshiped by traditional indigenous cultures.

Tulipanes 595, 5 de Diciembre,

48350 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

Majahuitas, one of the most beautiful beaches near to Puerto Vallarta

This hidden paradise of Jalisco, in Bahia de Banderas, reopened to the public with a new beach club.

The wait is finally over, Playa Majahuitas welcomes travelers again, and now with a new attraction: the private club Majahuitas Beach Club, a new entertainment venue offered by Puerto Vallarta.

The landscape of this hidden and dreamy beach fuses the mountain with the tranquility of the sea, offering a relaxed atmosphere. 

In order to create the perfect ambiance and not destroy the harmony of the place, in the beach club, you will listen to lounge music at the beach or in its restaurant. 

The goal of this project is to support the economy of local communities, so all its dishes are made with products from the region. Their cocktails are made mainly with distillates, such as raicilla, tequila, and mezcal which are made organically. 

Its restaurant specializes in the gastronomy of the coast. So you can choose between a zarandeado fish, aguachile, or various seafood dishes. For dessert, you can’t stop ordering the classic and world-famous Yelapa pie. There are also vegan options. 

The beach, away from mass tourism, belongs to the municipality of Cabo Corrientes. It has an extension of more than 180 meters long and is located 29 kilometers from downtown Puerto Vallarta and you can be there in 45 minutes. In this paradise surrounded by dense vegetation, there are no hotels or restaurants. 

In Playa Majahuitas there are mangroves that serve as a refuge for wild ducks, herons, and more species of birds. 

Majahuitas is characterized by its cover and an underwater canyon. The water is crystal clear and calm, so you can snorkel and you can even scuba dive. It is possible to contemplate various caves inhabited by black reefs, home to multicolored fish, and starfish. And if you are lucky you will find stingrays, dolphins, and whales from December to March. 

On this beautiful beach there are mountain tours; from July-October is the sighting of sea turtles; You can also paddleboard and kayak on your own. 

To get to Majahuitas Beach Club you will have to take a boat from the Boca de Tomatlán pier. As if it were a taxi, you should ask the operator to get you off at Majahuitas, which is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. It is located next to the town of Quimixto.

Don’ t panic! If your Mexican visa expired during COVID- 19 emergency!

What if you are a legal foreign resident of Mexico with a Mexican visa which expired between April- June during the COVID-19 and you were not be able to request the renewal or the residency card before its expiration date?

Don’t panic, you may be able to avoid the hassle and penalties related to an expired immigration visa permit.

 Currently, the Government in Mexico has issued decrees suspending the deadlines of immigration law, for procedures requiring compliance dates occurring during these past months.

 In order to file for the extension of your visa or residency card in Mexico without incurring in any penalties, even if it expired between April-June while you in Mexico or because you haven’t been able to travel because flights have been cut back or borders closed, we suggest you contact us so an immigration attorney can help you take advantage of this decree or if you need private legal advice. 

 The immigration office located in Puerto Vallarta and in Nuevo Vallarta will remain open a receiving application from those who can travel to Mexico in order to get their temporary or permanent residency. Some Mexican consulate, such as located in El Paso, TX ,  Boston, MA , etc, started reopening the visas services.

Please note: Each case is different. This is only for information purposes is not legal advice, if you would like us to review your particular case in order to give you legal advice or to assist you with the procedure please contact us.

Tourist visa (FMM) expired during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) while you are in Mexico?  What you can do if you overstay your 180 days allowed by your tourist visa during COVID-19?

The INM has announced that regarding COVID-19, the program called “Regularization by humanitarian reasons” still available for this month of June to those with FMM tourist cards which have expired between April-June can obtain a new FMM tourist card (180 days) without paying a penalty fee.

Please note: In order to get a new FMM tourist card, all of the foreigners interested in it must satisfy some important requirements, however, it’s important to mention that not all foreigners qualify to get a new FMM tourist card.

If you are interested in obtaining a new FMM tourist card (valid for 180 days) under this program, please contact us in order to help you with the procedure.

 Already this month, KL Mexico has assisted several foreigners to obtain a new tourist FMM, and the FMM has been issued in 2 days at the immigration office in Puerto Vallarta.

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