Majahuitas, one of the most beautiful beaches near to Puerto Vallarta

This hidden paradise of Jalisco, in Bahia de Banderas, reopened to the public with a new beach club.

The wait is finally over, Playa Majahuitas welcomes travelers again, and now with a new attraction: the private club Majahuitas Beach Club, a new entertainment venue offered by Puerto Vallarta.

The landscape of this hidden and dreamy beach fuses the mountain with the tranquility of the sea, offering a relaxed atmosphere. 

In order to create the perfect ambiance and not destroy the harmony of the place, in the beach club, you will listen to lounge music at the beach or in its restaurant. 

The goal of this project is to support the economy of local communities, so all its dishes are made with products from the region. Their cocktails are made mainly with distillates, such as raicilla, tequila, and mezcal which are made organically. 

Its restaurant specializes in the gastronomy of the coast. So you can choose between a zarandeado fish, aguachile, or various seafood dishes. For dessert, you can’t stop ordering the classic and world-famous Yelapa pie. There are also vegan options. 

The beach, away from mass tourism, belongs to the municipality of Cabo Corrientes. It has an extension of more than 180 meters long and is located 29 kilometers from downtown Puerto Vallarta and you can be there in 45 minutes. In this paradise surrounded by dense vegetation, there are no hotels or restaurants. 

In Playa Majahuitas there are mangroves that serve as a refuge for wild ducks, herons, and more species of birds. 

Majahuitas is characterized by its cover and an underwater canyon. The water is crystal clear and calm, so you can snorkel and you can even scuba dive. It is possible to contemplate various caves inhabited by black reefs, home to multicolored fish, and starfish. And if you are lucky you will find stingrays, dolphins, and whales from December to March. 

On this beautiful beach there are mountain tours; from July-October is the sighting of sea turtles; You can also paddleboard and kayak on your own. 

To get to Majahuitas Beach Club you will have to take a boat from the Boca de Tomatlán pier. As if it were a taxi, you should ask the operator to get you off at Majahuitas, which is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. It is located next to the town of Quimixto.

Don’ t panic! If your Mexican visa expired during COVID- 19 emergency!

What if you are a legal foreign resident of Mexico with a Mexican visa which expired between April- June during the COVID-19 and you were not be able to request the renewal or the residency card before its expiration date?

Don’t panic, you may be able to avoid the hassle and penalties related to an expired immigration visa permit.

 Currently, the Government in Mexico has issued decrees suspending the deadlines of immigration law, for procedures requiring compliance dates occurring during these past months.

 In order to file for the extension of your visa or residency card in Mexico without incurring in any penalties, even if it expired between April-June while you in Mexico or because you haven’t been able to travel because flights have been cut back or borders closed, we suggest you contact us so an immigration attorney can help you take advantage of this decree or if you need private legal advice. 

 The immigration office located in Puerto Vallarta and in Nuevo Vallarta will remain open a receiving application from those who can travel to Mexico in order to get their temporary or permanent residency. Some Mexican consulate, such as located in El Paso, TX ,  Boston, MA , etc, started reopening the visas services.

Please note: Each case is different. This is only for information purposes is not legal advice, if you would like us to review your particular case in order to give you legal advice or to assist you with the procedure please contact us.

Tourist visa (FMM) expired during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) while you are in Mexico?  What you can do if you overstay your 180 days allowed by your tourist visa during COVID-19?

The INM has announced that regarding COVID-19, the program called “Regularization by humanitarian reasons” still available for this month of June to those with FMM tourist cards which have expired between April-June can obtain a new FMM tourist card (180 days) without paying a penalty fee.

Please note: In order to get a new FMM tourist card, all of the foreigners interested in it must satisfy some important requirements, however, it’s important to mention that not all foreigners qualify to get a new FMM tourist card.

If you are interested in obtaining a new FMM tourist card (valid for 180 days) under this program, please contact us in order to help you with the procedure.

 Already this month, KL Mexico has assisted several foreigners to obtain a new tourist FMM, and the FMM has been issued in 2 days at the immigration office in Puerto Vallarta.

How to Find and Maintain the Best Tenant?

An entire section of the real estate industry is dependent upon to tenants. All the rental properties out there can’t reap financial benefits to the owners without good tenants. If you have a good tenant, you will sleep without worry, knowing that your property is in trustworthy hands. On the other hand, if the person with your property is not taking care of it—as they would if it were theirs, then you are in trouble.

Countries with a booming tourism industry often face the dilemma of getting more tenants to their property. People looking for short-term tenants get scores of them in the form of tourists whereas investors looking for long-term tenants find themselves surrounded in a plethora of bad situations.

They are not able to find good and long-term tenants and hire the help of a professional service provider that will not only look after their property but also find them a great tenant. The Mexican real estate market is full of such competent people who are willing to work hard so that you get the best tenant. Puerto Vallarta real estate market has seen a rise in such great service providers because of the ever-increasing tourist influx in the city.

Ways to Find the Best Tenant

Looking for the best tenant can be tough at times, but I’ve got you covered on this front.

Here are some ways you can find the best tenant that is suited to you the most.

  • Request Them to Fill an Application—before you start seeing random people who are interested in renting your property, it is advised that you follow a professional approach. Ask people to submit an application. Ask them about their employers, their financial condition and the time duration for which they are looking to rent the place.
  • Look at Their Credit History—making sure that your tenant can pay you rent is important. This can be done by running a check on their credit history. It will give you a detailed perspective on whether they can afford to pay you rent or not.
  • Check Their Background—asking for their background is important. See to it that they don’t have any evictions or criminal record.
  • Interview them—interviewing your tenant is the best thing you can do. Sit with them, talk about the property and get to know them better.

Once you have gone through the above procedure, you will be able to find the best tenant out there. Remember, the best tenant is one that fits your criteria.  There needs to be common ground between the two of you to make things work.

Maintaining a Tenant

Tenants will be forced to stay if you are good to them. There is no algorithm or website that will help you increase your tenant retention. It is the matter of you dealing with them in a sound manner. Here are some tips about maintaining a tenant.

  • Be polite and try to understand their situation from time-to-time.
  • Make sure that you create a strong bond with them.
  • Offer them incentives and cuts.
  • Treat them well.

If you are able to pull any one of the above off, you will keep your tenants for an extended period of time. Find and maintain the best tenant through professional background screenings                

4 Tips of Property Furnishing and Remodeling.

There’s a time when every homeowner faces the challenging task of furnishing and remodeling their property. Most people do it to make it look better, while others want to make sure they enhance the overall comfort of the house.

When taking on this task, make sure you take things seriously, as remodeling and furnishing will cost you a lot of money if neglected. Take it as a business plan and devote time to in.

Over the past few years, the home decor and remodeling service providers have made great progress and people now focus on the curb appeal of their property. The real estate market in Mexico has also seen a rise in this particular industry. Because of the increase in tourism, property owners now want to upgrade things on their front and as a result of this, the Puerto Vallarta real estate market has also followed the trend of property furnishing and remodeling.

Making Things Easier

If you are looking to make changes to your property, here are some tips that, if followed, will make the entire process easy for you.

1. Bifurcate

Bifurcating means dividing the project into several segments, it can be achieved by dealing with one thing at a time. Here is the number of sections you need to make.

  • Budgeting.
  • Researching.
  • Designing, and
  • Execution.

Once the entire project is divided into the above-mentioned sections, you can devote time to each aspect and get the best results.

2. Change Doors

Doors are considered to be vital for such projects. They are meant to give great first impressions and security. While property furnishing and remodeling make sure you get the doors fixed or changed. There are several service providers that specialize in door designs. Moreover, you need to keep the security aspect in your mind. 

3. Paint is Important

You don’t have to remodel or change the entire house. But giving the walls a new paint is something you must consider. The right paint will not only make your home look bigger, but it will also add a new life to it.

4. Hit the Kitchen

While purchasing, the kitchen of a house if kept under consideration. Therefore, you must work on the kitchen of your property. Try and utilize as much space as possible. Change the cabinets and add a modern touch to its overall look.

Don’t Forget to Renovate the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are very important. Since they are to be used regularly, you need to focus on the way it looks. Try and add comfort to it and make sure it has all the required amnesties. Change its paint, get the shower pressure adjusted and do some rework on the closet

5 Reasons Augmented Reality For Real Estate and the Vacation Rentals Is a GameChanger

Real estate augmented reality is new to the market; however, it has already been fully embraced by some industries. AR corresponds to applications for the mixed reality that smoothly overlays virtual images on physical objects or conditions. Recent advances in artificial intelligence have already enabled digital objects to “connect” with photos or real-time pictures. And the most significant thing about augmented reality devices is that even on smartphones, it can be enabled. Let’s have a look at how the augmented reality for real estate is a game-changer.

No specialized devices needed.

You do not need any expensive devices to operate real estate augmented reality; all you need is a smartphone, isn’t that cool? If you would like to go for something other than a smartphone, you can resort to different ways of advertisements. However, the question remains: why would you spend so much on an advertisement when your potential buyers can see your ad while browsing the internet? Your clients can be sitting in a café in Mexico, scrolling the internet while they sip their tea and see your ad, isn’t that more convenient?

A better idea about the property

A potential customer can download an app on their phone to see every property the company sells. And by every building, it is meant that “any building”– from a tiny, 1-story building to the whole skyscrapers. Moreover, real estate augmented reality enables customers to move houses, expand in on things, move furniture, design features, and the entire rooms. For example, if a purchaser wonders how a home looks at various times of each day, there is a way of viewing the house via augmented reality during daytime and nighttime. This allows a great incentive to both the seller and the purchaser.

Convenience and Functionality

There is a lot more to augmented reality than just attracting customers with fancy apps. Not only can clients see the 3D real estate simulation, but they can also adjust it to their taste. As a cherry on the top, the opportunity to use real estate augmented reality from one’s home transformed the way companies connect with their customers. Instead of visiting the particular property with customers, independent real estate companies can send them augmented reality files, reducing a lot of effort and time that would have otherwise spent.

Marketing tools

Augmented reality is expanding the number of marketing tools available to firms. Improved realism could be used to construct virtual catalogs of real estate augmented reality, which will be a valuable addition to the websites of any company. Ultimately, for convenient control, AR applications can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

AR Apps Require Regular 3D Models

Virtual reality is not only famous for its equipment, but also for the complexity of manufacturing and 3D modeling and special effects for virtual reality. The software for virtual reality is expensive and takes a lot of time. Improved real estate augmented reality is free of this problem as applications recognize standard 3D models and support different types of files. The program will take the three-dimensional

Expected Recovery Phases and a New Focus on Domestic Tourism.

The vacation rental industry is going through a difficult time, but we’re all hopeful that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. As countries begin to loosen their lockdown restrictions and the world turns back to normal, there will be a transition to venturing back into the wider world, albeit at a slow pace.  In this article, we’ll walk you through what we expect post-confinement recovery phases to look like, how to market your properties to domestic travellers and suggest which bookings sites to get listed on.

Post-confinement travel trends: domestic tourism

“Getaway destinations close to nature and niche luxury properties will increase and be much more desired after recovering from the lock-down in the cities,” CEO of AIRBNB BRIAN CHESKY

Expected Recovery Phase 1: Regional tourism picks up

“2020 could well become the year of the car.” Clayton Reid, chief executive of travel industry analyst MMGY Global said in an article published in Los Angeles Times Recovery will begin with the exploration of the familiar. Shorter, closer drive-to destinations with a lower spend will be on the increase. First to our own backyards – to our local restaurants, attractions, parks and places that we took for granted before the pandemic. There will also be an increase of movement as people seek reconnection, be it family reunions, weddings, christenings or transformational travel. We expect a faster snapback straight after confinement because it’s the promise of happiness and connection with people you know and love.

Expected Recovery Phase 2: Domestic tourism gets a big push

As domestic restrictions ease up, we expect to see far more interest in domestic travel and staycations. According to internal travel experts, they have seen a 20 percentage points increase in guests travelling within the same country compared with the previous year.  

The use of cars and train travel will increase drastically as travellers explore corners of their own countries they never thought of visiting

Expected Recovery Phase 3: Business travel sees a comeback

Business travel will be the next phase of recovery. It is expected to have a rapid snapback due to pent-up demand, but there are also suggestions that the level of business travel will settle at a structurally lower level. With the evolution of improved tools like Zoom and more distributed teams, business travel might not reach the level it was before the COVID-19 crisis. 

Expected Recovery Phase 4: International travel returns

Lastly, we expect international and group travel to be the last to return as consumers regain confidence in flying again. It will take time for the memories of the risk of contagion and of being stranded far from home to fade. However, the trends that have made travel one of the world’s favourite leisure activities remain and will likely enable leisure travel levels to continue to grow.

Should You Stage Your Puerto Vallarta Home For Sale?

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the province of Jalisco. It is renowned for its resorts, water activities and the nightlife. Its cobblestone center is dedicated to the ornate church of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, several eateries, as well as boutiques.

Considering the remarkable area of Puerto Vallarta, the real estate market is in a position of a boom. Moreover, with the new strategies of the real estate dealers, the houses are being staged to get a better deal.

Staged homes and furnished homes are very distinct from each other, even though they sound very similar; in reality, they are not. To determine if a house is furnished or staged, there are two factors that you must consider:

  1. How old the furniture is and what is a condition
  2. How appealing is the furniture to the potential buyers

Importance of Staging

Sometimes a furnished home can detract the buyer from its worth based on the type and nature of the interior. For instance, if the furniture is in bad condition or ripped up, potential clients will find it unpleasant, and they will think that you haven’t maintained the house well. Hence the chances are that they will not buy the house. Alternatively, if the decor is stunning and in excellent condition, it will be hard for prospective buyers to see anything other than the furniture. The buyers will end up focusing on your furniture and will ignore the actual house.

Real estate agents often encounter questions regarding Puerto Vallarta homes for sale. Recent research shows that staged Puerto Vallarta homes for sale could sell up to 82 percent quicker than those that are not staged. There are some variations between the Puerto Vallarta property market and the Canadian and American markets. Staging your house for sale indeed increases the chances of a quick contract at a high value.

If you want to sell your house in Puerto Vallarta, you should keep the furniture that looks great and is in good condition. This will increase the worth of your home and reduce the time that you would spend looking for a buyer. Our 20 years of experience in the market has told us that a property dealer will give you honest views about your furniture for the house to sell quickly.

Nota final:

If you want to set up your Puerto Vallarta homes for sale, you should make sure that you set up your house very nicely so it attracts potential buyers more than it would have otherwise.

A Tourist’s Guide to Vallarta Style Food

Visiting a place and not getting to know its specialties may not sound like the best tour. Vallarta is considered as one of the most popular tourist spots worldwide for spending the vacation. As for cuisine, it comprises an exceptional mix of International and Local Mexican foods. Being near to the bay city, P.V. offers a variety of Seafood. So, gather around food lovers because we are going to give you a list of all the finger-licking food serving places here:

1.Gaby’s Restaurant 

This place in town run by the great locally raised chef Julio Cesar Castillón Pérez is most famous for its award-winning delicacy called ‘green and dark mole.’ When paired with Tequila, it’ll give you the taste of a lifetime.

This restaurant has a garden-like atmosphere that’ll make you feel closer to nature while having the food of your choice.

2. Cevicheria El Guero 

The name of this restaurant pretty much describes what their specialty is. It goes by the name Ceviche. This dish is made of raw fish and was originated in Peru. The said restaurant serves freshly prepared Ceviche cured in lime. Most notable is the Mahi Mahi ceviche.

3. Local Taco Stands 

Taco is a traditional Mexican dish that consists of tortilla that may be of corn or wheat and is filled with either grilled meat, veggies, or Seafood. You name it. Two taco stands in Vallarta are worth checking out.

  • Tacos Robles – Starting in 1986, this stand is run by a Family and is still very popular among the locals and tourists equally. 
  • Tacos El Cunado – This stand is a bit older as it opened in 1968. It’s known for its authentic taste and is located on Francisco Rodriguez. 

4. The Blue Shrimp 

Located on the most popular beach in Puerto Vallarta, this restaurant gets all its seafood raw materials, including fish, shrimp, and lobsters freshly delivered.

This was one of the first restaurants that opened on the Banderas Bay, and therefore, it is trendy among the residents of the town.

5. The famous ‘Tuba’ Drink 

After all that tasty and delicious food, you must be thinking about what kind of drinks can I get in Vallarta to beat the heat. La Tuba is a Mexican drink, and its main ingredients are coconut cream and apple vinegar, which gives this drink a sweet and sour taste. In Vallarta, You can find this drink in the El Malecón area.

For those who have a Sweet Tooth

Tempting sweets are an excellent gift to take home for your close ones as a souvenir. Here are the places you can get traditional sweets of Vallarta:

  • The Vallarta Factory 

They serve everything chocolaty. From rolls to bars. They are famous for organic gourmet coffee and their Lavender chocolate. Do try it peeps. 

  • La Azteca Candy Store 

The most renowned sweet ‘Caramel Fudge’ that is known to have originated in Mexico can be easily found here. Additionally, you can get flavored pecans as well as other nuts from this store.

Internet, Mobile & TV

There are a variety of choices for internet, home phone, cell phones and television.


Our internet provider is Telmex and is the main internet provider in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta. Telmex works well for all the high volume of communications we have with expats. Fiber optic is being installed constantly in Vallarta. We have lost the Internet twice for short periods, as Telmex was installing fiber optic equipment in nearby areas. There are also other minor providers in certain areas.

Home Phone & MagicJack

Our residential phone is part of our Telmex Internet service and normally works to call from anywhere in or outside of Mexico. We have two-line residential phones to also keep a Minneapolis phone number for family and friends. We also have a US number with a MagicJack for our home and cell phones, allowing us to locally call to the US.

Cell Phones

Telcel is the main provider of cell phones in Vallarta, which we had for years until AT&T arrived in Puerto Vallarta two years ago. After we started hearing good reports, we switched to AT&T and we could not be happier with it. We constantly had to pay to put more minutes in our Telcel service every 3-4 weeks and the service was regular. Our service with AT&T costs us 2,443 pesos (approximately $132 US dollars) per year for each of our phones. We can call and receive service to and from Mexico, the United States and Canada. The service has been impeccable.


The main TV provider in Vallarta is a traditional cable company called Izzy. It is a Mexican company and most of the channels and programs are in Spanish, but they also have a variety of channels in English. The other service is DirectTV Mexico, which also has most of its programs in Spanish, but also has many channels in English. In addition, there are other Internet and satellite options available mainly for English channels.

Banks and other Financial Considerations

Puerto Vallarta has a highly developed banking system with a large number of Mexican banks,
as well as branches of US banks (Banamex, a Citibank branch) and a Canadians banks
(Scotiabank), as well as several Spanish banks and other international banks.

Here is a list of the banks in Vallarta:
• Actinver Banco
• Azteca Banco
• BanamexBank
• BanBajio Bank
• Banorte Bank
• BBVA Bancomer
• HSBC Bank
• Inbursa Bank
• Intercam Banco
• Santander Bank
• Scotiabank

Most banks in Vallarta provide a wide range of financial services that include checking accounts, savings accounts, investment accounts, insurance and credit cards. If you are going to spend even several months a year in Vallarta, you may want to open a bank account to simplify your financial life in Vallarta. Non-Mexican citizens must provide the following forms of

Identification when opening a bank account:
• Passport
• Tourist visa, Permanent or Temporary Resident Permit
• Driver’s license
• Utility bill from the local address
• Tax ID if on a tourist visa
• CURP Mexican tax ID number (RFC) if a resident

Puerto Vallarta Relocation Guide
Page 36
Social Security and Other Home Country Deposits
Most expatriates in Vallarta keep their bank accounts in the US. and Canada and keep their

Social Security payments and others in their US and Canada accounts. Then, they simply write

A Canadian or American check to deposit into their Mexican bank account or transfer funds to their Mexican account. Although it is not used by a large number of expatriates, it is also possible to set up your Social Security payments to be deposited directly into your Mexican bank account by working online with the US Consulate in Mexico City, but not with the US
Consulate in Vallarta.

Using Cash or Debit / Credit Cards

This is a totally personal matter that everyone will need to decide what is best for them. It must be done, however, several restaurants, stores and even some service stations only accept cash in pesos. In addition, some stores, such as Costco, accept credit cards but have a higher price than cash. By the way, Costco in Vallarta takes most credit cards, not just Costco cards like in the US, but their prices are lower in cash.

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