Activities The Kids Will Love To Do In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is filled with activities for the kids and adventures the entire family will love. One of few places in the world where the ocean shorline borders the jungles of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta offers more diversity in experiences and memories that will last.

Aquaventuras Park

As children usually love adventure parks, this place is the perfect location where you could let your kid play while you’re staying on a sunbed drinking a cocktail. Families can enjoy sliding 10 amazing waterslides, floating along the river, swimming with the dolphins and spending some quality time together in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. The park has reasonable prices and the kids will surely be nervous about entering the park.

Paradise Adventure Park

Although it might seem the same thing as the first adventure park, this one is the perfect choice for parents who have bigger kids that love the adventure. Here the families will have the opportunity of spending some time in an authentic tropical forest in Puerto Vallarta while testing their limits with amazing activities. Here, both the kids and their parents will be thought how to ride an ATV, how to zip-line from tree to tree, by experimented tutors.

The prices are lower if it comes to compare this park with the previous one but you need to be sure that your kid is really interested in getting some mud on his shoes while learning how to “travel” as monkeys do.


Ocean Friendly Whale Watching Tours

If your kid is in love with the aquatic creatures that live under the sea, then why not take them to watch the friendly whales on a guided tour? Ocean-friendly Tours offers customized tours that will help tourists discover the realm of whales, dolphins and others creatures that could be found in Puerto Vallarta. All tours are headed by a bilingual marine scientist and an experienced crew that guarantees the passenger’s safety during the tour.

You will be provided with vests that will assure the comfort and safety of your family while watching the huge animals in their natural habitat. Tours usually do not take long and you will also have the opportunity to taste some great Mexican food while having fun during the tour.