We all know that spending a few days on the beach is necessary, and even our body asks for it, but in the hustle and bustle of daily life we ​​overlook certain symptoms that tell us that it is time to take a few days and visit a paradise like Puerto Vallarta.

We share 15 of the most frequent symptoms to measure the degree of your beach impetus – known as playitis – with our playometer.

  1. You follow more travel influencer accounts than friends on Instagram.
  2. You spend hours looking at photos from your last trip to the beach.
  3. 90% of your talks focus on your next vacation.
  4. You are in a constant bad mood and you think about the beach, the sea and the breeze.
  5. As you try to concentrate on your work, a palm tree swaying in the wind crosses your mind
  1. For no apparent reason you dedicate yourself to reviewing travel packages to the beach.
  2. You are attracted to promotions and new swimwear designs.
  3. You go to a fast food restaurant and you crave a fresh shrimp cocktail or a shaken fish.
  4. You sleep counting grains of sand instead of sheep.
  5. You dream of coconut … sliced, with lemon and chili.

11. When you get to your bed you do a diving position.
12. You have an excess of exotic plants in your own room.
13. You look in the mirror and you see your ghost-colored skin.
14. You arrive at work and notice that you are wearing sandals instead of shoes.
15. You set your alarm clock earlier thinking of not missing your flight.

Now let’s see your level of ‘playitis’ according to the number of symptoms you accumulated.


1-3 The travel mosquito has been around for a few weeks. Be careful, because if you itch you will quickly move on to the next phase.


4-8 You deserve an award for discipline and self-control. Responsibility for chores at home or at work has kept you out of your vacation plans. If you follow this step, it is likely that in no more than two months you will finally be preparing those bags. Cheer up!


9-12 You have managed to remain patient and not run away, thanks to the fact that you practice meditation, yoga, aromatherapy and feng shui, but if you want to hear some advice: don’t take too long to plan that trip that you have been waiting for so long.


13-15 Your beach momentum is on the verge of collapse. Check right now the flights with offers that have been tirelessly sending you to your email and book now! And by the way, take a look at the PR rentals.